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Yoga Girl Daily - November 16th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Intention Setting, Make It Happen Monday, Healing

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About the Episode

Feel your feelings today (and everyday!).

If you have the power to repress your feelings, you have the same amount of power to bring those feelings forth - usually all we need is the space to freely let go.

This week’s intention will allow you to anchor into an actionable practice that will leave you so much lighter by the end of the week.

Tune in to begin.


[00:04] Welcome back to Yoga Girl Daily. Happy Monday! I hope you’ve had an amazing weekend, and that you're ready for this brand-new week ahead. It's time for our intention setting practice of the week. And I have a really special intention for this week. And I love intentions that come along with something actionable. I think the idea of intentions is so lovely and intentions really can be so very, very powerful, but oftentimes intentions remain just that, just an intention, something we intend to do. And then we forget about it and we don't really anchor into any practice around creating a difference in our lives. So, I'm really making an effort for these intentions on Monday for them to come along with something actionable so that you can integrate them in your day to day, and hopefully by the end of the week, notice a difference in your life. Today, we are setting the intention for ourselves to create enough space for us to actually be able to let go.

[01:08] And I'm going to explain what this looks like. So, this week we are going to really focus on carving out the time and the space in our day, every single day, for us to have a moment to release and let go of our feelings. That means we're going to be practicing some form of conscious emotional release, which is a complicated sounding thing when it actually isn’t but practicing conscious emotional release every single day this week. Conscious emotional release. What does it mean? It really just means that you give yourself a little window of time to feel and express your feelings. It's that simple. And it's one of those things where in the beginning, if you've never done that before, it might sound a little bit strange or weird. You might wonder how do I begin or how am I going to access my feelings just on my own?

[01:58] You know, we usually think of emotions as one of those things that we don't have any control over, right? They just show up at us at any given moment. And then they disappear at any given moment as well. Well, that's not actually entirely true. We have a lot of control in terms of how we choose to not feel our feelings in the day, which most of us do, we repress and stuff away and hide away our feelings. And we have the same amount of control to actually bring our feelings forward. Oftentimes, all we have to do is create the space for it to happen. Just the same way, we all know how to hold our feelings back or to not let our feelings show. We can also change that habit around to actually begin, to allow our feelings to take up space, to release them, to process them to alchemize them into something else.

[02:47] And to really just to let go and to create space inside of ourselves for something new to arrive. So, practically what this is going to look like is, you're going to decide on a time every single day. In my own practice I love for this to happen in connection to a sacred practice that I already have, right? So, maybe my yoga practice, this is the Yoga Girl Daily show. So, if you have a yoga practice every day, then making space for it around there, it's a perfect time. Maybe around your meditation practice or maybe just a 15-minute window that you have in the day where you are undisturbed, right, where you can be totally alone in private with no one disturbing you. Something that really is helpful is to set an intention every single day that, okay, these are my 15 minutes to feel my feelings and not only to feel my feelings, but to act my feelings out. Something that's really helpful is to have some music around that.

[03:42] So, any kind of music that, you know helps you bring out emotion. I like to begin by moving my body. So dancing, just any kind of movement that helps me drop into myself and then placing my hands to my heart, closing my eyes, taking a breath and going, what am I carrying right now? What is here? If sadness is there giving myself space to actually cry, to actually let that out. For that sadness to take up as much space as it possibly needs. And it might even mean that we need to exaggerate a little bit. Sometimes we have to begin acting on emotion out for it to actually arrive and be able to be released so we can pretend to cry. Or if we feel like we have some frustration inside, but we don't know how to release it, then act some anger out, you know, put on some really intense, kind of angry music and punch into a pillow a little bit or dance in a really intense way.

[04:39] Start to channel that energy. And before you know it, if there is anger inside of you, you are going to feel angry and you'll actually have that moment to release it through the body, to scream a little bit, to yell, to curse, to kick, to punch, to use your body, to alchemize that anger and let it go. So, this week I will create the space I need to truly let go. This week I will create the space I need to truly let go. So, come back to this intention every single day, remind yourself that this week you are really going to feel your feelings and you're going to carve that space and that time out in your day, just the same way you would schedule anything else. You're going to schedule time for yourself to let your feelings out.

[05:28] And then whatever is true for you in that moment, you know, you might have a day where you feel a lot of joy, you feel a lot of happiness than acting that, feeling out, whatever is present. Whatever's there for you in that moment, that's what you are creating the space to actually experience. So, try to not show up for that practice with any kind of expectation of what that moment has to be, but rather let it be an open exploration into what is going on inside of myself right now, you know, get curious about your inner world and then give yourself that space to release and let go. I am excited about our intention this week, because this is something that I do every single day, and I'm really happy to have a whole week dedicated to it. So, I'm going to give myself a little more space to consciously let my feelings out this week. Just get curious about how you're going to feel at the end of the week after you've had the time to do this every single day. Chances are, it might make a real difference in your life. And chances are, this becomes more than just a week's intention and maybe something that you cultivate into your regular life. I love and appreciate you so much. Thank you for being brave and courageous with me this week. I hope you have a wonderful rest of the day and Yoga Girl Daily will be back tomorrow.

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