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Yoga Girl Daily - April 24th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Self-Love, Feel-Good Friday

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About the Episode

This week brought with it a new moon in Taurus, an earth sign, reminding us of the importance of our connection to this planet.

For our self-care practice today, we are going to commune with nature on a very deep level. If you are in isolation or lockdown, there are still ways to do that! Mother Earth is present even when you can’t go outside.

Tune in as Rachel shares the importance of connecting with nature during this time, and exactly how to do it.

If we surrender ourselves to this earth, we will come to realize that it has been carrying us through everything.


[00:36] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily and happy Friday! It's Feel-Good Friday today, so I'm going to share with you a little practice to help you feel good and something that you hopefully can bring with you into the weekend, too. I want us to take today and to take some time this weekend to deeply connect with the earth. And this is something that is so present in my life. I'm talking about it a lot on this podcast and also on social media and everywhere. How I feel so connected to Mother Earth right now, through gardening, through spending time in nature, also through these limitations that have been imposed on us right now. The fact that we can't just be out in nature, out and about however and whenever we like. It's making me appreciate those moments outside that I actually have in my day.

[01:31] So today I want you to take a moment to commune with Mother Earth. Now this is going to look fairly simple and actually it is simple, but it also is very, very profound. Taking sometime today in whichever way is possible to you to be outside. And now if you are an actual quarantine, meaning that you're not allowed to leave your house, this is going to happen in your garden if you have one, on your little patio if you have one, on your balcony if you have one, and if you don't have any of those things, that's going to happen in a window sill or next to one of your house plants. So Mother Earth is alive in your home right now, even if you can't leave your home. If you have the ability to go outside, then absolutely this will happen outside today.

[02:12] So whether it's you have a beach nearby or a park or a forest or anything, any area where you have nature around, I want you to take a moment to go outside and connect with earth. For me, what that looks like is I'll go outside and I'll lay flat down on the ground. So just like Savasana lying straight on the ground, allowing the entire weight of my body to melt into the earth. Taking a moment to feel my weight surrendering to earth, and also the duality and the beauty of Mother Earth holding me up in space. Now this can happen sitting down on a rock somewhere. It can happen leaning up against the tree somewhere. It can happen sitting on a little patch in your garden somewhere where you can actually feel the earth beneath you, letting your hands connect to the ground, really communing with Mother Earth.

[03:07] So a little moment of meditation, a little moment of presence, of contemplation, of actually having no other distractions. So no conversations with a friend, not being on your phone, not even reading a book, no distractions at all, just you and this earth that you walk upon, giving yourself five minutes or half an hour or however much time you have to just be present and feel the heartbeat of the earth beneath you. It is really simple. Really all it will take is five minutes of your time, but it is an important practice to remember that we are a part of this earth and the earth is a part of us. We are a part of the whole and right now Mother Earth is asking you to be present with her, asking you to commune with her, to talk to her, to breathe with her, to not forget that you belong with her.

[03:58] We are not separate from this earth. We are not separate from this planet, from the earth we walk upon. And the more time we spend in communion with mother earth, the easier it's going to be to feel connected with her all throughout the day. And perhaps we find that this connection, this feeling of being one with the whole will make us make different or better decisions for ourselves, for our health, for other people, and for this planet all throughout our days. So perhaps making some more sustainable choices around what we eat, around how we're moving through this world, around how we are integrating and communicating with other people. Just really allowing ourselves to feel connected and to make good choices that help this planet every day. So today for our feel-good practice, and hopefully all through the weekend, take time to be in nature with nature.

[04:50] Truly, truly, truly present with nature. Actually I have these big rocks outside my garden. I'm going to go outside right now and life face down flat on this rock, just hugging one of my rocks and letting myself be hugged in return. So, make this, practice your own any way that feels natural and organic to you to commune and connect with Mother Earth today, wishing you a very connected and very earthy weekend. It is Taurus season right now. So really, really beautiful time to ground to the earth. Thank you so much for practicing with me today. Wishing you a beautiful weekend ahead. Yoga Girl Daily will be back on Monday.

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