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Yoga Girl Daily - November 20th 2019

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Meditation, Wellbeing Wednesday

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About the Episode

As you sit down to meditate today, notice any energy that may be lingering in your body. Start to listen to your breath and the inner workings of yourself.

Use this as a way to connect deeply to each one of your senses. Feel the physical connection you have to ground. Hear the sounds all around you. Become very present with where you are in this moment.

After all, it is our senses that root us in the present moment.

They connect us to the here and now, which is all we ever have.


[00:56] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily. Happy Wednesday, you guys! It's Wellbeing Wednesday. It's time for our meditation practice. Take a moment to sit down in a space where you can quietly and undisturbed center into this meditation right now. Let's make a little noise. I feel like sometimes before we drop into that place of stillness and silence, it's good to let a little bit of the silly out or any energy you might have stagnant in the body. So let's take a really full breath in through the nose and then flutter your lips as you exhale. Let's do that again. Inhale, fill up and flutter the lips. Exhale.

[01:51] If you're in a public place, please do this one more time. Inhale and flutter the lips, exhale. Good. And then bring your awareness to the natural breath, inhales, exhales to the nose, and just see what that energy left inside of your body or with that little noise, that little release of fluttering the lips, what that might have moved or shifted inside of the body or the breath. And then becoming very, very present with where you are in this moment. So if you're sitting down feeling that physical connection that you have to the ground, if you're standing up, same thing, feeling the soles of the feet to the floor, that contact you have to the earth right now and then see if you can increase that connection just a little bit. So allowing yourself to feel a little bit more grounded by sinking deeper into your seat or standing a little firmer on the ground.

[02:58] And noticing all the sounds that you can hear around you in this moment. So of course the sound of my voice listening to the sound of this podcast, but any other sounds or anything else that you can hear around you in this moment. Become very, very present with them and see if you can do that without allowing anything to become noise. Yeah, without attaching the idea of good or bad to any sounds that you hear. Just listening.

[03:30] And then using your other senses as well. So what can you smell in this moment? What can you feel in this moment? What do you hear in this moment? Use all of your senses except your sight, keeping your sight turned inward, continue to look within, use all the other senses. See if you can become even more present with where you are in this moment in time. Feeling that, and then keeping your connection to everything that you can feel and hear and smell as you listen to and focus on the breath. So also becoming very present and aware with the internal workings of the body, the sound of your breath in through the nose and the breath out through the nose, the sound of your heart beating inside of your chest or perhaps just the feeling of your heart beating and any other sounds or anything else you can hear or feel within the body in this moment. Be very, very present. All of these things make up here and now and this moment really is all we ever have. So how can you allow for more of your attention and awareness to be brought here to this moment and then continue practicing that. Anytime your mind wanders, just come back here, now. Anytime a thought pops up in your head, just bring yourself back here, now, listening, feeling breathing.

[05:13] Allow your next breath in to grow a little bit deeper, a little bit fuller, and as you exhale, go ahead and open the mouth and exhale everything out. Take this final moment to place the palms of your hands on top of your chest and just feeling into your heart space. Feel some gratitude for your ability to bring your awareness to this moment. Gently bow your head towards your heart and repeat silently to yourself. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for dropping into this short and sweet practice with me today. Yoga Girl Daily will be back tomorrow.

[End of Episode]