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Yoga Girl Daily - October 11th 2019

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Self-Love, Feel-Good Friday

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About the Episode

It’s Feel-Good Friday and time to transition from working hard to feeling good for the weekend.

Our practice today is to clean something up! We accumulate so much junk in our lives and there is always a space that needs clearing. What is that for you? Your fridge? Your closet? Your toiletries? Your car?

Chances are, you already know. Let’s get to it!

Afterward you get to bask in the clarity that comes from a clean and organized space.


[00:39] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily, everyone! Happy Friday! It's Feel-Good Friday today, which means we have made it through the week. Woo, woo! It's time for us to enter the weekend and Feel-Good Friday means that we find a practice of some sort that makes us feel good so we can have this beautiful transition between working hard in the week and then feeling great in the weekend. Today I have an epic practice in mind. I don't know if you can tell, but I'm really excited about Feel-Good Fridays because I get to share these things that do so much for me. Today, we are going to clean something out! So I find that when I share this as a practice, and this is a spiritual practice that can increase our level of wellbeing so, so, so, so much - cleaning something out.

[01:31] When I share that, people either go, “Oh, eww, that feels like work. That feels terrible, that feels icky. Oh, most boring thing I could ever imagine”. Or people go, “Oh my God, yes, I need that. Oh, I know that makes me feel so good”. Whichever way you lean, take this practice seriously today because here's the thing. We tend to accumulate so much junk in our lives. We really do. Even people who live more of a minimalistic lifestyle, it's just part of being human. In this day and age, we accumulate stuff. There is always an area of our lives of our homes that could use a bit of cleaning out. So today I want you to pick an area of your home and of course this is totally up to you. I would go for that area that's been on my mind for a while that I know is a goddamn mess.

[02:17] But something that you know needs cleaning out. Maybe it's that room in your house that you don't even want to open the door because it's so messy. Maybe it's a place you use every day or something you use every day, or a part of your home that you're actually in everyday, but it's really unorganized or really cluttered or really messy or actually downright dirty. Maybe today you clean out your entire fridge. Do you have any idea how good it feels to empty all the content out of your fridge, clean every single corner thoroughly, and then put everything back in perfect order so that every time you open your fridge, you know what's in there. Oh my God, that feeling. It's so good you guys. It's so good. Trust me. It's really, really good. Maybe your closet, maybe a part of your closet, your kid's room, maybe you know any part at all.

[03:02] Maybe your toiletries, like in your bathroom. Find an area that needs cleaning out. And I know you already have that specific area in your mind right now. You know which one needs cleaning out. Maybe you guys, maybe it's your car. I know my car could use a little bit of cleaning up. So choose that area. And then after you get home from work today, give yourself, it doesn't have to take more than you know, depending on, of course, how big of an area and how messy it is. Shouldn't take that much time, but just get to it. Clean that out, throw some stuff away, give some stuff away, get organized, and then enjoy that feeling of fulfillment and clarity that comes from having cleared a part of your house or home out. Our lives are messy enough as it is. We don't need more junk that we don't use maybe that you don't even know that you have, right?

[03:49] It's just gonna make our minds even more cluttered. And it's gonna make us feel more stressed throughout our days. There is nothing worse than running around your house looking for stuff and you can't find anything because everything is a mess. So getting organized, cleaning something out in your home is going to give you more clarity and it's going to give you more peace of mind. So I think it's a perfect self-care practice to do on a Friday so that you can enter the weekend feeling really clear and peaceful. I think it's awesome. I hope you feel the same. And even if you don't specifically, if you don't love these kinds of practices, it probably means that you really need it. So enjoy it, get to it, get to work. And I hope you feel really good afterwards. Take a moment to really bask in that feeling of having done something awesome in your home. Wishing you a beautifully clear, clutter-free and peaceful weekend. Yoga Gil Daily will be back on Monday.

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