Can You Grow Amidst Change and Uncertainty? favorite_border

Yoga Girl Daily - April 30th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Gratitude, Thankful Thursday, Growth, Lifestyle

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About the Episode

What did this pandemic bring you that you are immensely grateful for?

Are you learning a new skill, such as gardening, that you wouldn’t have learned otherwise? Did you start a new routine or practice that you could never make time for before? Are you connecting with your family on a deeper level than your regular day-to-day life allowed?

Although we are in a time of change and uncertainty, that is also where growth happens.

Tune in to find your own silver lining.


[00:36] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily, happy Thursday and welcome to our gratitude practice of the week! It's Thankful Thursday today, so time for us to really anchor into some gratitude, which we all know will change our day for the better. We are in a strange time. We are all well aware. This pandemic is starting to feel a little bit like normal, which it's not. We know things can change and will change soon. I would like to take this opportunity right now just because I'm feeling almost normal today. Just today I'm having one of those days where it's almost easy to forget that the reason we are inside and, in the house, all of us, is not because we've chosen to do that but because we are forced to stay inside.

[01:29] So I think it's good to practice gratitude for challenging things or gratitude during challenging times when we are feeling our feet on the ground. Today, I want us to take a moment to really appreciate the thing that we are most grateful for that has come our way so far in this pandemic. So throughout the past weeks, it's actually been months by now. We have been through so many highs and lows. We've experienced so many different things. But right now taking a moment just to really contemplate and think about something that has come your way throughout this pandemic that you can actually truthfully say that you are so grateful right now that that happened, or that you learned that thing, or that you now have this practice in your life. It's something that's very true for all of us, is that we are all experiencing so much change and with change sometimes comes a lot of positive things of course negative and heavy things as well.

[02:29] But of course it's a time to choose different things. You know that old saying, if you want a life you've never had, you have to do things you've never done, right. So perhaps for many of us, we have been forced out of our comfort zones and we've actually experienced some sort of positives throughout these past few weeks. So, taking a moment right now to contemplate, what is something that has come your way or something that this pandemic has taught you that you are so absolutely grateful for? Maybe it's something that you know you're going to take with you and remember for the rest of your life. Perhaps it's an appreciation for something, something you took for granted before. Perhaps it's something that you've learned about yourself or about this life. Perhaps it's a deeper connection that you've made with friends or family. Really get to the truth of something that you know you'll be grateful for forever.

[03:22] For me, the answer to this question is really simple. I mean, I have many answers of course, many things I am grateful for, my family of course, and friends and I am feeling like I have deeper, more intimate connections now than I had before. But the thing that stands out that continues to stands out in terms of gratitude for me is this beautiful connection that I'm feeling right now with mother earth. Through my gardens, through growing my own vegetables and spending every day literally in the garden, I wake up and I go out into the garden every morning, first thing I do, it brings me such a sense of connection to this planet. Something that I didn't even realize I was missing. Now I look back at my life before this pandemic and I wonder how did I not place my hands to the earth every day.

[04:07] How did I not have my, you know, hands and my fingernails dirty with soil from having planted vegetables and growing seeds. You know, how did I not have this act of engagement, this practice of being with mother earth every day, even if it was just in a little way, you know, growing something at home or taking care of my flowers or plants inside. I really was very disconnected and I didn't even know it. And now I have uncovered and discovered this big sense of joy that I actually have and this big connection that I have to mother earth. And I know when this pandemic ends, this is not something I'm going to let go of. This is something that is here to stay. It is enriching my life immensely. So I am so grateful for my garden and for this new found connection that I have to the earth.

[04:55] Take a moment right now and really define this for yourself. The thing that you are the most grateful for that only came your way because of this pandemic, because of this lock down, this quarantine, the strange, strange, awful time we all in somehow you were able to find this nugget of gold, the silver lining that you will take with you for the rest of your life. I want you to take today to deeply honor and appreciate this blessing that you now have. Thank you so much for practicing gratitude with me today. If you want to journal on it, I always recommend journaling on our gratitude practice, meditate on it or share with friends so you can talk about it and really anchor into that feeling of thankfulness. Then please take today to deepen this practice even more. Thank you so much for listening in. Yoga Girl Daily will be back tomorrow.

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