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Yoga Girl Daily - November 1st 2019

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Self-Love, Feel-Good Friday

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About the Episode

Today’s Feel-Good Friday practice is to build an altar.

An altar is a sacred space or corner in your home where you place objects that hold meaning for you. Maybe its photographs of your loved ones, crystals, or letters. It can be any objects you have come across in your life that mean something!

After you collect them, put them together in that special place.

You’ll know in your heart when it’s complete.


[00:04] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily, everyone and happy Friday! It's a Feel-Good Friday today. We've made it through an entire work week. It's time for us to transition into the weekend and as usual, on Feel-Good Friday we are going to do it with a self-care practice. Something that leaves us feeling really good. For today, I have a really beautiful practice in mind and if you already have this in your home, you're going to upgrade it today or clean it today. And I'm going to explain everything in a moment. For many of us, this is something that we don't actually have in our house and it might feel a little bit foreign to you. But trust me when I say it's something that's going to enrich your life immensely. Today we are building an altar. What! We are building an altar. An altar is literally is a sacred place in your house, a sacred corner, a sacred area in your house where you place objects that are very, very meaningful to you.

[01:01] So ideally this is a place where you can create this very beautiful vibration of something connected to your heart so that whenever you sit by it, it will be easier for you to tap into a place of meditation. It might be that place where you want to roll out your yoga mat to practice yoga or just an area of your house that you can come to every single day to connect and feel at home. So building an alter doesn't have to be something that connects to any specific kind of religion. For me, building an altar is creating a sacred space. That's literally it. I have personally two altars in my house. I have a little one in my bedroom and I have one in my living room as well, and I use them for different things. The one in my living room I built with a specific purpose.

[01:43] When I was pregnant, I built an altar dedicated to my unborn baby who is now two and a half and it became this beautifully sacred place of my house that I just, when she was born, I didn't want to take it away. So I have added to it and upgraded it a little bit over the years. But an altar literally is a corner or a place in your house where you will put all of your most sacred things. I like to use either a little stool or a little table, something that you can build up. We don't want to put sacred objects directly on the floor, so a little table or a little nook, a little elevation of some sort. And then anything that you have in your home that you know is of importance to you. So perhaps it's a photograph of a person that you love.

[02:25] If you have a guru, you might put a photograph of them. If you have a person that you've lost in your life, perhaps you want to dedicate the alter to them or just have their presence be there. Many pictures of many people. I, at one point, had the three most important people that I've ever lost in my life. I had pictures of them on my alter, but it doesn't have to be something that relates to a specific person either. But for me, I always felt like I was able to tap into that place of connection when I saw those images. So that helped me immensely. But you can use crystals. Crystals have a beautiful energy and they work really well with alters. Any little objects that you have picked up throughout your life. That means something. It can be something nostalgic from your past.

[03:07] It could be a letter someone wrote you. Maybe you want to put a candle on your altar so you can light that candle every time you sit down to ground and some meditation, something that means something. And it doesn't have to be super busy and cluttered and filled with stuff either. For me, I like to bring, so I can make little altars wherever I go, I always bring my favorite crystal, a little candle and a little incense that I can maybe build a little makeshift altar whenever I travel to. So I have that sacred space to return to for meditation. But having this space set up in your house is a really beautiful, purposeful thing to do. So today when you get home from work, when you have some space over left in your day, find that corner of your house. Make sure it's a place that you can actually find some silence throughout your day.

[03:51] So ideally, it's in a quiet area of your house. Maybe it's a part of your house where you can see it every single day, something that will brighten your day a little bit, but most important that you feel like you have that sacred connection and that it's a place where you want to sit down and spend some time so you can take the day to find those objects that really means something to you and then build your altar by purposefully putting each object in that area. Once you're done, you'll feel in your heart when it feels completed. Take a moment to sit down for a quiet few minutes of meditation. I hope this altar brings you plenty of moments of contemplation and meditation, and I really hope it makes you feel purposeful in your life. It's such a beautiful practice to have. Thank you so much for tuning in with me today. Good luck building your altar today and I'm wishing you a beautiful weekend. Yoga Girl Daily will be back on Monday.

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