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Yoga Girl Daily - February 6th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Gratitude, Thankful Thursday

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About the Episode

January is officially over! Let’s enter February with a clean slate and make sure we bring our gratitude practice with us.

Today’s episode will help you connect to something that came your way in January that you are truly grateful for.

Tune in to prepare for the future by being thankful for the past.


[00:44] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily and happy Thursday! It's Thankful Thursday today, so it's time for us to settle into our gratitude practice for this week. We have officially entered the month of February, which means, dare I say it, that January is finally over. January somehow feels like the longest month and I would like to take a moment right now as we're transitioning into the second month of the year to connect to something that we're deeply grateful for that came our way in January, so we can really close out the month of January, enter February on a clean slate and bring on a ton of gratitude with us., So, taking a moment right now, what was that overarching sense of energy that January brought your way? When you think about January as a whole, when you think of last month, first month of the year, what's the feeling that you get?

[01:49] Just thinking of the month that just passed. Perhaps you had a ton of energy this January, maybe you had a lot of exciting things come your way. Perhaps it was really hard. Maybe something really challenging came your way, so without judging whatever the answer to that question is, just feeling for a moment. What was the month of January like and then whether it was challenging or easy, taking a moment right here, right now to connect to something that came your way last month that you are absolutely, totally grateful for. So, that could be something amazing that happened in January, could be something super awesome; an experience you had, maybe a new relationship that started, maybe a habit that you really solidified into, something that came your way that you feel totally grateful for. Sometimes gratitude comes in a different shape. Perhaps you had something challenging come your way in January, but it was a blessing in disguise and now you're grateful. What is that thing that you are most grateful for from last month? Let's take a breath just to deeply connect to that place.

[03:10] I can sense for me, I'm just, I have a big smile on my face. Every Thursday, every gratitude practice, I'm pretty much smiling all the way through it. It's such a lovely practice to connect to gratitude. For me, just thinking of January, I am so grateful for the time spent at home with my family, especially with my daughter. I feel like I have been more present with Lea Luna in the month of January of 2020 than I have been any other month of her entire life. I think not just because of how much time I've spent with her, but how I've slowed down and how I've really allowed myself to be totally slow, go at her pace and just be there playing with her without having to go anywhere else or feel pulled in any other direction. I'm so grateful that I gave myself the time to slow down to just spend at home.

[04:04] What about you? What's that big thing that you're grateful for in January that you know if you would just write it down, you could put it on a big Post-It, put it on your bathroom mirror so you can really feel like, Man, January brought me some gratitude. What was that thing? Take a moment to feel it. Really feel it. Especially if January was harder than you expected. Something good came out of that. Some thing, for sure, you have to be grateful for from last month. So making sure we can enter February feeling joyful or at least grateful, making that connection to whatever January brought your way. Perhaps it was a lesson of some sort, maybe a learning and epiphany, realization, something beautiful, something that was hard and became beautiful. And then once you've connected to that place, just repeat to yourself a couple of times. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. January, I am so grateful for you. I totally am. I'm grateful that January is over, too. Feeling so ready for this month. Thank you so much for practicing some gratitude with me today. Yoga Girl Daily will be back tomorrow.

[End of Episode]