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Yoga Girl Daily - March 24th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Healing, Lifestyle, Growth, Tune-In Tuesday

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About the Episode

Right now, fear is being collectively felt all around the world. While this universal fear is justified and necessary, it still needs to be eased - and the best way to do that is to do the exact opposite of what we usually want to do.

We can’t put our heads in the sand and pretend like nothing is happening, we have to become familiar with our fear. Take some time today to allow your worries and anxieties to hold space in your heart.

Once you identify the root cause of your fear, you can turn it into smaller, more manageable pieces - and only from there can you take action!

Tune in as Rachel shares practical steps you can take to ease your worries, calm your mind, and invite more peace into your life.


[00:04] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily and happy Tuesday, you guys! I hope wherever you are in the world right now, you are feeling safe. I hope you feel your feet on the ground every day and I am so grateful that you're here practicing with me Monday through Friday, every week. It's Tune-In Tuesday today, which means it's time for us to reflect on a specific topic. And the topic that I've picked for today is fear. Fear is something so very universal right now. I don't think there is a human being alive that doesn't feel some sort of fear or worry or anxiety around the state of the world right now. And the thing about fear, especially when the fear is this global, we can almost sense it in the air right now. It's so collective. It's not just our individual unique fears that we all have, but it's this fear for what's going to happen with the world.

[00:58] Where are we going as a society right now? And for me what's really, really helpful when it comes to really dealing with the fears that I have is doing the exact opposite of what I naturally want to do, which is putting my head in the sand, telling myself every day, everything's okay, everything's okay, everything's fine, all is well. Truth of the matter is if I don't actually feel deep inside that all is well, then by telling myself all is well all day long, I'm just bypassing and ignoring this big, real problem that I actually have in my day to day life. So today for this practice, what we're going to do and what I find is really helpful is actually becoming a little more familiar with the fear, allowing the fear to take up some space within the body. And then most important of all, identifying specifically what we are fearful of right now.

[01:54] What does that big thing actually that you're most concerned about right now? And that way instead of feeling like fear is everywhere and it's this big overhanging thing that we can't really grasp, we're going to bring it into bite-sized pieces. And hopefully at the end of this practice we'll be able to take some action to help invite more calm and more peace into our lives. So right here, right now as you are, let's close the eyes and place one or both hands to your heart center and immediately tuning in. So sensing already now just on the topic of fear, what is vibrating through your body in this moment? What is your heart telling you about this topic? Right now, what are you afraid of? Right now, what are you most afraid of? What is that fear that's really standing out? See if you can begin to identify that just by tuning into your heart, by feeling into the body.

[03:00] Perhaps right now you are fearing for your health, your wellbeing. Notice that. Perhaps right now you are worried about resources or a scarcity of some sort. Notice that. Perhaps you're worried about the state of the world. You're worried about other people, suffering of other human beings. Notice that. What is the fear that's really, really at the top of this mountain of worry that so many of us are experiencing right now. Try to really label it and see if you can find a very clear sentence that can define this most pressing or most urgent fear that you're feeling right now. For me personally, I'm worried we're not going to have enough food to eat. Of all the things I'm fearful of, that is my biggest fear right now. We live on a small Island. I'm worried they're going to stop exporting food our way. I'm worried, fearful that we're not going to have enough food to eat. That's my big one. So, what is it for you? I am fearful of or I'm worried that… finish that sentence and then take a moment to just, almost like you're holding this fear in your hands out in front of you right now. Take a moment to look at that. Hold it there for a moment. Acknowledge that this is a very real, very valid fear that you're experiencing in this moment. And then take a deep, full breath.

[04:35] What would it be like to speak this fear out loud today? What would it be like if you opened up about this fear to someone, to anyone, if you were able to give yourself some space to talk about it. And I want you to take today to find one point of action. One thing you can do, a practical thing to help ease this fear. Just a little bit. Perhaps talking about it, just being reminded of the fact that you're not alone. Trusting that there are other people who feel the same fear can be really helpful. For me, what actually works is when I feel I have a little bit of control around the fear that I'm feeling right now. So for me, in terms of food, I'm cooking every day and I'm cooking a lot. I'm freezing food, putting things away in the pantry, stocking up on things that I know will last me a long time, taking extra good care of my vegetable garden. Those little actions don't look like much, but every day they bring me more calm. So, what is that action that you can take today to help ease your fear, just a little bit? And my invitation for you really is that you open up today and you talk about it. Talk about it with a loved one with a friend or go to social media and go to the Yoga Girl Community group on Speak about it there. It's a space we are all here to listen. Let's take another breath in.

[06:04] And out, and as you blink your eyes open, if you want to journal on the topic of fear today, please do share on the topic of fear. Let's open up and release some of this heavy heavyweight right now. You are so safe in this moment. I love you so much. Yoga Girl Daily will be back with a meditation tomorrow.

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