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Yoga Girl Daily - August 27th 2019

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Meditation, Wellbeing Wednesday

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About the Episode

It’s time to meditate!

Find a comfortable place to sit. Take that first deep breath to clear the energy. Then, tune in to the body and focus on your inhales and exhales.

When we can let go of control, allow our emotions to be and sit with whatever is already present within us, we learn the powerful art of sitting in stillness. Often, a lot of the pain we experience comes from resisting the present moment.

Tune in to be here, now!


[00:43] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily and happy Wednesday, every one! It's Wellbeing Wednesday, which means it's time for us to meditate together. I am really excited about Hump Day! Hump Day is suddenly not even a problem at all. We're halfway through the week. Normally it feels like a little bit of a drag getting into Wednesday, but knowing that we have the chance to sit together and to meditate, all of us, we might not do it exactly the same time, but tuning in in this similar way makes me feel really connected. Starting my day with meditation, if you're listening to this in the morning, is a really great way to set the tone for the rest of the day, or you can take a midday lunch break for just a few moments to tune in, close your eyes and center. It really can turn your whole day around and it's such an important practice to have, to sit in silence, to sit and stillness, to be with yourself.

[01:36] You are your own greatest companion. You can't escape yourself and learning how to sit and stillness just in your own body, just feeling what's here now. It's a really, really valuable practice to have. So let's dive right in. If you can find a really comfortable place to sit, maybe lean back in your chair or on a couch or wherever you're sitting right now and closing the eyes. Let's start with a cleansing breath. So this first deep breath we take, if you want, you can imagine anything that's lingering and sight of you that you want to clear out. This exhale is going to release and fully help you. Let go of all of that. So take a really deep, really full breath all the way in through the nose. Pause at the top and then loud and clear. Open the mouth. Exhale, let it go…

[02:33] Ahhhhhhh.

[02:36] Beautiful. And then bring your breath back in through the nose. Let's start to focus on the breath as the breath is in this moment. So without manipulating or controlling the breath in any way, just let that natural pace of the breath in the breath out. Stay exactly the way it already is. Noticing how the breath is moving through the body in this moment. Is your breath long or is it short? Is it deep or shallow? Do you feel relaxed as you breathe or is there any tension lingering anywhere in the body? Just whatever is showing up as truth. Don't judge it. Just allow it. Witness whatever is already present, accepting fully the space you're in right now, and that's sometimes can be a challenging thing to do, especially for having a hard day or a hard moment in life. But just for this moment, these few minutes of sitting here in silence, focusing on your breath, accept, allow and embrace everything that's present here now. And that means whatever emotion is moving across your heart, let it be any problems or things you feel like you have to solve in your life. Let them go. Any tension or tightness or even pain, anything you're feeling in your body, just feel it without thinking that anything has to be different or changed or improved in any way. Just allow what's already present.

[04:40] We don't often realize this, but often times the pain is in the resistance. When we resist the present moment, we fight against what's already here. Now there's a lot of pain and struggle that comes along with not accepting the moment for what it is. So just for these few moments here, see if you can let the shoulders drop. You can drop a little bit deeper into your breath, softening the face, and just allow this moment to unfold the way it's already unfolding. Recognizing that regardless of how much you would want that to be true, you don't have all of the control. You don't have all the control, you don't have all the answers either. And when we lean back and allow the present moment to unfold, we also lean back and into a beautiful space of trust where we trust that life is going to take us where we're supposed to go. We don't have to have every single step figured out right now, but we can lean into the unknown and just trust a little bit. Letting go of that grip, softening a little bit more.

[06:03] I'm taking another deep full breath in. Opening the mouth. Let it go…

[06:12] Ahhhhhhh.

[06:14] Feeling this beautiful vibration within your body in this moment, knowing whatever you're moving through. You've got this, you're already doing a great job.

[06:29] Go ahead and blink your eyes open.

[06:33] Thank you so much for spending these few minutes with me in silence today and wishing you a beautiful rest of the day and I'll see you tomorrow!

[End of Episode]