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Yoga Girl Daily - November 11th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Meditation, Wellbeing Wednesday

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About the Episode

Can you accept your present moment as it is right now?

It may not always be peaceful or calming - but it can be handled.

Today’s meditation practice will bring you to the center of your awareness, your present moment and your truth. You will feel a shift when you start to allow it.

Tune in to find the answers.


[00:11] Welcome back to Yoga Girl Daily! Happy Wednesday, everyone. I hope you're having a great day so far. It's time for our meditation practice of the week. So, right away, you know, closing your eyes and anchoring into the body. If you practice these meditations with me every Wednesday, maybe by now, you're feeling like you have a little more of that ability to just drop right in. And some days it's going to be easier to make our way to a place that feels like home inside of ourselves. And some days it's going to feel more challenging. Some days our mind is very busy or we're distracted or something's going on in our lives that makes this a little bit more challenging and that's okay. Coming back to a place that feels like home inside of ourselves, doesn't mean it's going to be all rainbows and butterflies all the time. Doesn't mean that this meditation practice is about feeling Zen every time you close your eyes to meditate, or feeling at peace, or feeling calm. It's actually about coming back to a space where you can allow whatever is moving inside of you to actually be the way it is. That's what this practice is. It's a moment of allowing, of accepting that this is my present moment.

[02:41] And of course, some present moments are peaceful. Some are filled with calm, with joy, with gratitude, and some present moments are really, really hard. Some are filled with sadness, with frustration, with agitation, anger. So, whatever happens to be true for you right now, that's your practice today. That's your practice today is to look inside of yourself and notice what is going on. It's almost like hitting the pause button in the middle of the day to check in and go, Oh, okay, this is what I'm experiencing actually. Because oftentimes our actions in the day, don't always align with how we feel on the inside. Especially if that thing that we're feeling is challenging or difficult. Sometimes the harder things are within, the faster we run without. So right now, the way you are with your eyes closed, bringing your awareness to that place at the center of yourself, where you can really acknowledge what is moving inside. What are you feeling right now? What is your experience of this moment? And just checking in, leave a little space for your body to answer.

[04:16] Hmm. And perhaps that answer is very physical today. Maybe that answer is you're feeling something very particular in your physical body, then lean into that. Explore that with your awareness. Any time your mind gets busy, just bring your awareness back to that place within the body, back to the feeling, back to this moment here now. And perhaps the answer to that question right now is very emotional. You're feeling an emotion right now. Something surfacing in the body. It could be joy. It could be sadness, could be a million things in between. Then you lean into that place. What is this feeling that I'm experiencing right now? Meaning if it's something challenging, how can you lean into that? Maybe for the first time, all day, all week, all month, actually giving yourself permission to feel what you're feeling. To say, yeah, that's it. I'm trying to get to peace and calm and gratitude, but actually I'm really just pissed.

[05:28] Actually, I'm just scared. I'm worried. I'm frustrated. What is true for you right now? What is going on? And then give that emotion a little more space, just soften into the body. And that we can give that feeling whether it's physical or emotional, usually it's both. Our body is so intertwined with the heart, whatever is there, whatever is true, the moment we actually allow ourselves that experience, that's the moment the experience can begin to really shift. So, it doesn't mean that you're going to be lingering in that feeling forever. It just means that you're opening the door to that feeling, maybe for the first time in a long time. And you're saying welcome. Come on in. It's okay for me to feel this way. And the moment it's okay to feel, that's when the body can begin to metabolize that feeling. And all of a sudden, the feeling is different. Where sadness was, suddenly we feel relief. We feel calm. Where frustration was, suddenly joy shows up, or passion, or creativity.

[06:49] So, giving yourself another couple of moments right now to just lean into your own experience, to just allow what is to be as it is. And let's take a few deeper breaths, letting your next inhale be pulled all the way down to the bottom of the belly and through the nose, gently softening on the exhale. Hmm. If you have a little more space in your day right now, stay lingering in this space the way you are, just remaining totally present, totally allowing and accepting of you. Thank you so much for your presence today. Yoga Girl Daily will be back tomorrow.

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