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Yoga Girl Daily - November 17th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Tune-In Tuesday, Growth, Healing

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About the Episode

You begin healing when you are ready to begin healing. What wound are you ready to heal right now?

It is probably the one that keeps popping up in your life - the one you keep getting triggered by.

Tune in today to speak a healing intention to the universe. Oftentimes, speaking your longing out loud is enough to get started.

Tune in to begin.


[00:04] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily, happy Tuesday, and welcome to our Tune-In Tuesday episode of this week! It's time for us to sit down, contemplate, journal and maybe share a little bit on a specific topic for today. Today, I want to talk about something that's been on my mind and something that's kind of always on my mind and it's the healing journey that we are all on right now. I know many of you listening to these episodes, you're listening because you have been on this journey for a long time, because you know, you have pain inside, or old wounds and traumas and things that you're really looking to heal. Ultimately, we're all here because we want to feel good in our lives. We want to be present in our lives. We want to live with our hearts open. So, today I wanted to take a moment to contemplate something specific that you are longing to heal in your life. And just take a moment right there. You know, something specific that you want to heal in your life. If you were to close your eyes right now, maybe place your hands to your heart and just take a deep breath, exhale it out.

[01:22] What is a wound, something painful, something that hurts that you really want to heal? And I know that's a big question. So, just trusting right now, wherever your intuition takes you in this moment. So, a wound that you want to heal. Now, maybe what's automatically, or what automatically comes to mind is something that's come your way a long time ago, right? Maybe it's a really challenging experience or a trauma that happened to you as a child or something that happened many, many, many years ago. Perhaps what came to mind right now is something much more recent, maybe something that came your way this year or something from these past couple of weeks, something that pains you, that hurt you, that's lingering in your heart right now. So, just trusting that wherever your intuition ends up or whatever came to your mind's eye is something that you're ready to heal.

[02:26] That's the thing about heart healing about emotional healing is that we don't start to contemplate and think about wounds that we're not ready to open up yet, but it's when we start to really return to certain experiences or when we find ourselves lingering in those thoughts or memories or being triggered by things in our day to day from that specific experience we had a while ago, that's when we know we are ready to begin healing, or probably we've already begun healing. I really believe that the wounds that are buried so deep, the wounds that we are not yet ready to touch, those are wounds that are not going to surface until we really are ready. So, better to focus on the things that are surfacing in your life right now, those wounds, those pains that the universe is actually telling you that now is a good time to begin healing in this area of your life. And what you can do once you're really present with what is that wound that I want to heal, whether it's really old or very recent, whether it feels heavy and big or light and small is that you can set an intention around that longing to heal.

[03:40] And just speaking that out loud: Something I really want to heal is… and just see what it's like to say that out loud, that yes, I really want to heal from that experience. Yeah, that is something I really want to let go of. That's a chapter I want to close. That's an area of my life that once felt broken where I now want to feel whole. And we don't necessarily need to have every single tool or know that process every step of the way, but just speaking our longing to heal out loud and setting an intention to heal in this area of our lives is enough to align in every way to get us started. If you'd like to journal and go much, much, much deeper on this topic, I really recommend it. You know, use your phone, set a timer for 15 minutes and journal on exactly this. A wound I want to heal is… and see where that takes you. Thank you so much for journaling and for practicing with me today. I hope you have an eye opening and heart opening experience. Yoga Girl Daily will be back tomorrow.

[End of Episode]