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Yoga Girl Daily - September 1st 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Tune-In Tuesday, Growth, Healing

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About the Episode

What day-to-day struggle is showing up in your life right now? More importantly, what if this struggle isn’t random, but holds a greater purpose and an opportunity to learn?

By reframing how we think about it, we can move through our difficulties a little bit easier.

In today’s episode, you will be given the space to sit with the challenge you are facing, reframe it, and find the deeper meaning. Tune in to begin.


[00:04] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily, happy Tuesday everyone, and welcome to our Tune-In Tuesday practice of this week. I love our Tuesday practices because these little topics and themes that we contemplate every week are something that we can return to again and again. So, you don't have to always stick to this week's prompt if you're going to journal today, but you can return to past ones as well. Today, of course, because of something that I'm personally moving through today, I want to take a moment for us to contemplate a day to day struggle that you've been having lately. So, I'm not talking about major traumas or huge, huge major issues from long ago or from your childhood or in your past, but a day to day struggle, so something fairly light, maybe something that's bothering you right now, perhaps a relationship that's challenging you, maybe something that's annoying you for some reason or some sort of challenge that you're facing right now that doesn't require you to, you know, open up the biggest thing of all time.

[01:05] So, something in the day to day and taking a moment to contemplate that. So, just notice what comes to mind right away. If you're journaling on this today, a good prompt to begin is, “A struggle I'm moving through right now is…” and just see what comes your way and we're going to keep it fairly light for this practice. And then give yourself a couple of minutes to journal on or contemplate what that day to day struggle is. For me, I am going through a period right now where I have unbelievable back pain. It's one of those things that happens to me about once a year, I throw my back out for whatever reason and you know, it's not the end of the world, it’s not the biggest thing, but it's definitely something that makes my day to day challenging in so many ways.

[01:49] So, check in for yourself what this day to day struggle is that you want to focus on for this practice. And then where I want to go is allow a little bit of space to sit with that struggle, and then take a moment to see if you can make your way to some sort of learning that's connected to that challenge. So, imagining that this struggle that you're facing right now, whatever it is, what if it wasn't random? What if there was some big, greater purpose to you going through this annoying thing, this thing that's bothering you right now? What if there was some big, big, big reason for that in your life today? I love, you know, the great spiritual teachings of everything happens for a reason, we're all where we're supposed to be, but it doesn't always work, right? We can't really apply that for all the big, big, heavy, heavy, hard things.

[02:41] I do think it's interesting when we start to apply that spiritual idea or the philosophy of being where we're supposed to be, which I generally believe for my own life most of the time. It's interesting when we start to apply it to day to day stuff, right? So that we can actually anchor into this beautiful idea of, well, what if there is a reason behind things that come my way? What if it's not random? If anything, for me, that changes how I look at that challenge that I'm facing today. So, my back pain, for example, instead of it being this annoying thing that just puts a big dent in my day. And of course, you know, walking around with pain all day, it's not fun for anybody. It's easy for me to get stuck in this very negative spiraling cycle of, Oh, this is just the worst where I get into a complaining mode

[03:26] When I apply this idea of, what if there is a greater reason for this right now, all of a sudden, this back pain becomes a little bit interesting, right? If there was a reason for this back pain to arrive in my life right now, what would that be? What is it actually teaching me if it's teaching me something because it's not always easy to get to that place. Well, immediately I can anchor back into that same old challenge that I've had my entire life, my longing to slow down even more. This longing to take care of my body, which sometimes I struggle with. And sometimes it's hard for me to really soften into that place of quiet of stillness. So, have I been working a little bit more intensely over this past couple of weeks? Yeah, I have.

[04:13] I've also been moving my body more. I have had more of a high energy going over these past few weeks, which isn't a bad thing, but if there was a reason for this pain right now, I think number one would be just not forget to continue to slow down and to balance work with rest because I know how easily that can kind of get ahead of me. So, give yourself the opportunity today to journal on contemplate and maybe also talk about what this day to day struggle is that you're moving through right now, if it's in a relationship or in yourself care practice or something with your body or something else that's happening in your life, if there was a greater reason, right? If there was a learning attached to it, what would that learning be? And can you switch that vibration from complaining about this thing that's happening right now to maybe feeling a little bit more purposeful around it?

[05:05] Chances are when we adopt that kind of mindset, we can actually make our way through that struggle a little bit easier, right? So it's actually just a win-win to contemplate looking for the reason behind things. I immediately just thinking about my back pain this way, it makes me feel lighter. It makes me feel less tense. It makes me feel like probably this is not going to last for so long. I'm going to be fine in a day or two. It's not a big deal, right? I don't have to complain about it, but I can be grateful that my body speaks to me loudly whenever I need to make a change in my life. So, wishing you a beautiful practice today, contemplating the struggle and hoping you get to that similar place of finding the silver lining, the growth, the learning today as well. Thank you so much for contemplating with me today. Yoga Girl Daily will be back tomorrow.

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