A Meditation to Witness the Breath favorite_border

Yoga Girl Daily - July 15th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Wellbeing Wednesday, Meditation

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About the Episode

Our breath holds infinite power.

With every inhale, you create space for all that you are longing for. Your body expands to fill itself with the universe. Each exhale allows you to release anything that isn’t serving you.

In today’s meditation, you will bear witness to your breath, noticing it draw in through your heart and all the way to the lower stomach, then back out from where it came.

With each cycle of breath, you will sense your own sacred ability to create and let go, in the ebb and flow of life.


[01:05] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily, happy Wednesday, and welcome to our meditation practice of this week. So, let's cozy up a little bit, find a comfortable place to sit. You can choose if you want to lean back and completely relax, or some days I feel, it feels a little more energizing just to sit up tall and some days, you know, you might feel more relaxed just letting your body soften into the couch or wherever you are right now. So feel free to choose whatever feels better for you in this moment. And then the moment you get here, we’ll right away go ahead and just close the eyes and place one hand to your heart center and one hand to your belly. And just take a moment right there to connect with yourself. It's a really beautiful doorway into the body using our hands to make this physical connection. And I find, especially the belly is a very vulnerable space for so many of us.

[02:14] So giving yourself a little bit of love, pressing down on the belly, through the palm of your hand, just feeling the warmth of your own body, the softness. Grounding into yourself in this moment, and then letting your next breath in flow in through the nose and pulling that breath all the way down toward your lower belly. So, toward that place where the palm of your hand is resting. And then feel how the belly is expanding, taking up more space for you. And as you exhale, go ahead and exhale from the low belly and feel the breath moving past the heart. Just notice this experience. So, we breathe in, past the heart, but then pull the breath down into the low belly. Exhaling from the low belly all the way back through the heart. And do that a few times. Keeping the palms of your hands as points of anchor here.

[03:19] One hand to the heart. One hand to the belly. Breathing in to fill up, breathing out to empty. Breathing in to fill up, make a little more space, and breathing out to let go. And then finding your own rhythm, your own cadence here, allowing for your breath to flow in deeply touching a place at the core, the very center of your own being. Making space for everything you're longing for today. And as you exhale, exhale from that place inside of your core, letting all of the breath out, letting all of the breath go, and with it, anything that isn't serving you today. And you continue just like that. It's very simple. Inhale, making space for what you need.

[04:26] Exhale, letting go of what you don't. Imagining this as a deeply sacred practice. Every cycle of breath that you take has this opportunity to invite what you're looking for and to release what you no longer want. And yes, of course, it's a very energetic practice in this moment, but you can feel the effects of that just by noticing what it's like for the body to breathe in this conscious way. What does it feel like to be here in this body right now, taking these deep breaths, breathing in past the heart, down to the belly and breathing out from the belly, out through the heart. Allowing your shoulders to soften as you continue breathing in this way, letting your face relax, letting your whole being, just settle into this present moment. And the next cycle of breath you take, let's see if we can find a little more space, a little more depth with the inhale. Big breath in, at the top of the breath, pause for a moment and really sensing that expansion, the ability your belly has to hold, and then exhale through the mouth. And then very gently, letting your breath return to a neutral space and blinking your eyes open. Take a moment just to linger in the space of breath and the space of connection. Knowing you can come back to this moment, come back to your body in this way at any time. Thank you so much for practicing with me today. Yoga Girl Daily will be back tomorrow.

[End of Episode]