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Yoga Girl Daily - June 10th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Wellbeing Wednesday, Meditation

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About the Episode

How often has something come your way that caused you to react without even thinking beforehand?

Today’s meditation will allow you to consciously feel your feelings and stay present as they arrive. The more we practice this, the more we can use this ability in our day to day lives. The ultimate goal is to respond from the source of truth within us, not to react to whatever story our mind is telling us.

Tune in to take a deep breath and bear witness to all that comes your way.


[00:04] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily and welcome to our meditation practice of the week. It is Wednesday today. It's hump day, and we are all in deep need of grounding ourselves right now. So wherever you are, let's drop in. If you feel the need to completely collapse onto the couch right now, or just sit back and get really comfortable, maybe lie flat on the floor. Any shape that allows you to really feel into the body here, now. Let's close the eyes. Let's take a deep breath. You can imagine the deepest breath you've taken all day. Find that now, inhale through the nose.

[00:49] Open the mouth, and exhale. And then letting the breath just move slowly through the nose. Can you use the breath as a doorway to the present moment? Just the way you are. Right? So, without having to change or alter anything about who you are or how you are in this moment, just let yourself be here, now. And sensing what it feels like to arrive to this place. What it feels like to just be here.

[01:28] Of course, there are many levels to being here, right? What does it feel like to be here, sitting in the seat, in this chair? What does it feel like being here in this life, in your life, in your circumstance and what does it feel like to be here in this world? Right, in this society, in this structure, in this place? We are all going through a lot right now. And we are all feeling a lot and it's okay to feel a lot, right? It means you're human. It's a good thing to feel outraged, to feel angry, to feel upset, to worry. All of that is okay. It's valid. It makes sense that you feel the way you feel right now. So just give yourself a moment to really tune in, to center yourself deep into that place within your own being. You can use the breath as a way to get there and simply keeping all of your awareness on the inhale and the exhale, right? There is nothing else that you need to worry about right now, no place else your focus needs to be. But in this moment here, now, just staying with the breath.

[03:01] And if you find yourself distracted or a thought pulls your way into a feeling or into something else, just come back to the breath and just notice, right? That's really the depth of this practice. It's not trying to avoid the thoughts or trying to avoid the feelings, but it's staying present and noticing when they arise. Imagine how beautiful it would be to spend your day responding from a sense of truth, from a place of truth within, instead of spending all day reacting to whatever story your mind is telling you about what just came your way. There's a big difference between a response and a reaction. A beautiful way to allow ourselves to come back to that place of responding, it's through moments just like this one, giving yourself space to breathe, to get real present with the breath and to become that watcher of everything that happens inside of you. Acknowledging everything that's happening inside of you and taking a breath along with everything that's moving within you right now. So we give ourselves just a little bit of space, right? Space around that feeling, space around that thought, space around that narrative, that belief, so that maybe we don't have to jump straight into reaction, right? But we can take a breath, anchor ourselves into the moment and then respond.

[04:54] Sometimes the response that comes our way, it’s just giving ourselves a moment to listen, right? And not acting at all, just being here, now. So just giving yourself a few more moments right now to listen, to feel, to breathe and having that be a continuous practice that you can take with you all through the day. To come back to the breath, come back to the moment, come back home.

[05:33] Let's take another breath in through the nose, out through the mouth. As you blink your eyes open and take a moment, if you like to just remain in this place, sitting as you are breathing, as you are for a little while longer. Yoga Girl Daily will be back tomorrow.

[End of Episode]