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Yoga Girl Daily - September 30th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Wellbeing Wednesday, Meditation

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About the Episode

Today’s meditation practice is guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

You have the potential to feel earth-shattering, life-changing joy - not just fleeting happiness. This type of joy starts from the inside, but it is always available here, now.

Tune in to feel it.


[01:18] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily, happy Wednesday and welcome to our meditation practice of this week. I hope you're feeling really, really good today. If you're not, this is going to be a perfect practice for you. If you are feeling good, this is also going to be a perfect practice. Man, I'm really setting a high standard for this meditation today, but I wanted to give us all an opportunity to just meditate in a state of joy or to open up to a state of joy, if you're not experiencing joy right now.

[01:58] We're going to just take a moment to close the eyes and for this one, let's go ahead and sit up a little bit taller than we normally do. I'm a huge fan of deeply relaxed meditations where we just let the body completely be, but sometimes it's really good to anchor into that long posture, just to create a little more space, a little more opening across the heart as well. So, with your eyes closed, you can go ahead and anchor the sit bones down to the earth. Whatever connection you have to the floor beneath you right now, or the earth beneath you, see if you can root down a little bit further that way. And then at the same time, crown of the head is going to rise a little bit taller up to the sky. Let's pull the shoulders down the back, imagining you're expanding across the collarbones, as if you could, without moving too much, just create a little more physical space for your heart, for your chest, the front body. And then from there, let's take a deep, deep, deep breath in through the nose, open the mouth and let it out.

[03:10] And then from there, bring the breath back through the nose and just little bits at a time, allow for the breath to grow deeper. So, nice long inhales, deep full exhales. And then as you continue doing that, go ahead and turn the corners of the mouth up into a big smile. Big, big, big, big, big smile right now. So, depending on what you're experiencing in this moment, this is going to feel a little bit different. So, just notice right away by putting that big smile on your face, what happens in the rest of your body? How do you respond to that gesture or to that shape, to that action right now of just smiling real big. So, if you've been having a hard day today, chances are that smile might feel a little bit forced. It might feel like, Oh, that's not how I'm feeling. Smile anyway.

[04:06] And just sit with that for a little while longer. You allow whatever's present inside of you to stay the way it is. This practice is not about changing something or bypassing a difficult feeling if that's what you're feeling right now, but just inviting something a little bit different. So, by sitting up tall and smiling big, imagining that you're opening up to the possibility of experiencing joy in your body right now, regardless of what's come your way today. If you've had a hard day or a great day, just open up to the possibility of feeling joy, expanding from your heart space out and through every cell of the body here in this moment. And if you're feeling a lot of ease right now, if you’re feeling that sensation of joy inside, then really exaggerate that, see if you can smile a little bit bigger, sit up a little bit taller, expand through the heart a little bit wider. And just notice what happens inside of you, without having to change anything or replace one feeling with another.

[05:16] There is potential for joy for you in this life. Joy. Real true joy, not just that fleeting happiness from something funny happening in your day or from, you know, those little moments of happy that we can come across all throughout the day, but actual ground-breaking, life-changing, earth-shattering joy, the kind of joy that comes from the inside, right? That is fairly unshakable. It's a kind of joy that even when we're moving through the hardest times of our lives, all of a sudden, we step outside and the sun shines on our face in a particular way and we just connect to that joyful feeling, even for just a moment. That kind of joy, the joy that's accessible to us at all times, even in grief, even when it's the hardest year of all time, even throughout those really, really, really difficult cycles that we move through that so many of us are in right now. There is joy available to you here now, and joy is your birthright. So, giving yourself just permission to open up to joy, perhaps even setting an intention, to look for joy or to allow yourself to receive and experience moments of true joy of pleasure of happiness, of play, of fun without guilt and without having to do anything to deserve that. So, just notice inside of you right now, what it feels to sit here in this way, smiling big, regardless of what's unfolding in the rest of your life.

[07:03] And then let that smile become internal as well. So, sensing that, that feeling. So, allowing that joy, if it's big or small, doesn't really matter. Just that possibility for joy to settle all the way toward the center of the heart. So, it's a joy that's yours. It's a joy that we don't have to have anything big come our way to experience, but something you can access when you need it. And just knowing that there's joy within, there's joy inside of my heart, can be a really comforting thing to hold onto when we are going through those challenging times. So, take another couple of breaths, just the way you are.

[07:58] Now, for a smiling meditation, I prefer to sit a little bit longer and I find the longer I sit and I keep that big smile on my face and I allow that smile to really drop down into my heart space, the longer I sit, the easier it is to actually open up to a big, big, big emotion. And sometimes through just smiling this way, we access a point of sadness inside. Through smiling, we can access any kind of emotion that's actually been a little bit buried. It's just giving the body permission to feel. And of course, sometimes through smiling and meditation, we access this big laughter or joy or happiness. Something just comes bubbling from the inside. So, if you have some more time right now, how about you give yourself five more minutes just to sit here, big smile on your face, the way you are. Opening up to the possibility of joy in this moment and throughout the rest of this day. I am smiling so big with you right now. Thank you so much for practicing. I love you so much. You are so loved, so held. I hope you feel this joy today. It is yours. Thanks for tuning in. I'll be back tomorrow.

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