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Yoga Girl Daily - March 11th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Meditation, Wellbeing Wednesday, Healing

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About the Episode

We all go through challenging times where we feel overwhelmed, unsettled, and too busy in our minds. Those moments are the perfect time to sit down and meditate.

Tune in to today’s episode for a chance to release anything that is lingering on your mind.

They key is to come back to your body, back to your breath, and back home, again and again.

Let’s begin.


[00:31] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily and happy Wednesday! It's hump day today. We've made it halfway through the week and of course it's a perfect day, perfect moment right now to sit down and meditate. Today I have a practice in mind, perfect for any moment when we're feeling overwhelmed or just having a need to drop into our body a little bit deeper. So if you're having a rough day or are you just looking to settle down to this practice will be perfect for you. It’s important that for this practice we can sit down so we can fully relax into the space we are at. So finding a comfortable place to sit. You can also lie down if you're feeling tired right now. Any space where you can let your body go a little bit, just so we don't have to focus on holding ourselves up. And then the moment you get there, let's go ahead and close the eyes and beginning with a cleansing breath. So when we get to this breath, I want you to imagine anything you're looking to release out of your system right now. Anything that's lingering in your body, anything on your mind you want to let go of. This is your time. So when you're ready, take a deep full breath in through the nose, filling up the body, the heart, the mind with space.

[01:59] Open the mouth and whatever you want to let go of, do it right now. Exhale. Let's do that one more time. Inhale, filling your body, your heart, your mind with space. Open the mouth and let something go. Just at the end of that exhale. As you bring the breath back through the nose, feeling the weight of your body in this moment.

[02:33] Just allowing your shoulders to drop up a little bit, letting your legs get heavy. Just bringing a little more awareness and energy to the lower ends of the body. Noticing the space beneath your toes, the arch of your foot, the soles of your feet, and then connecting that to every part of the legs, from the ankles to the shins and calves and knees and thighs. Deeply grounding yourself in this moment and noticing the experience that you're having in this body right now. Just what it feels like to be here. And if you can keep all of your awareness within the body in this moment, just noticing every sensation that you're experiencing physically right now. Every shift of energy, every breath, the beating of your heart, everything that's absolutely present in the body right now. And if you find yourself being distracted or a thought pops up, let that be a little nudge to come back to the body again and again, back to the body. Back to the breath. Back home. And then allowing the breath to slow down just a little bit and noticing now any particular area of the body where you're experiencing some sensation or just noticing where your awareness is drawn right away, any part of the body. It could be any body part. Wherever your awareness is drawn, just let it linger here for a moment. Feeling the experience and sensation around this part of your body right now. What's the temperature of this body part? Is it warm? Is it cool?

[04:29] What's that feeling of energy shifting around in this part of the body? Are you experiencing any tightness here or maybe pain? Would you feel strong and spacious? Without judgment, just becoming very present with this area of your physical space and then little by little like a wave, letting that awareness spread from this part of the body out and to every other body part as well, so feeling your awareness, holding your body from head to toe. And right there taking another deep breath in and out. You belong right here. This place is home. So, let yourself linger in this place of quiet and this sensation of grounding into the body for as long as you like. And whenever you're ready to seal this meditation, you'll just gently blink your eyes open, take another breath, turn the corners of the mouth up into just the hint of a smile, and bring some gratitude to this body for it does for you every day. Thank you so much for joining me for this short practice today. Yoga Girl Daily will be back tomorrow.

[End of Episode]