A Meditation to Honor Your Heart Space favorite_border

Yoga Girl Daily - August 19th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Wellbeing Wednesday, Meditation

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About the Episode

Check in with your heart today.

How is it feeling? How are you truly doing? Notice what shows up without judging it or trying to change it.

Whatever you may be feeling, it is what today has brought you. It won’t be here forever, so it is important to honor it here, now.

Tune in to acknowledge your heart and meet your needs in every way possible.


[00:49] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily happy Wednesday, and welcome to our meditation practice of this week. Time for us to settle in, connect to the body, anchor into the breath and make our way here, now. So, wherever you are, take a moment just to find some comfort in your body right now. Notice if there's anything you would like to shift or change, if there is a part of your body that needs some more support or perhaps a part of your body that needs a little more space right now, and then give yourself exactly that. Then when you feel ready, we'll go ahead and close the eyes. And let's open this practice today by doing a little check-in and let's do a check in on the level of the heart today. Oftentimes in our meditation, and of course in our yoga practice, we begin from the level of the body. We check in with the body, with the breath, how are we doing? But right now let's instead tune into our heart space. So, not just from a physical place or noticing your breath, but asking your heart in this moment, how it's doing right now. On a very emotional level, you know, on that level inside of yourself, where you are experiencing so much right now, where you are holding a lot in your heart, perhaps carrying a lot on your shoulders these days, how are you feeling truly?

[02:34] How are you feeling really? And if you were to take a deep, deep, long breath, all the way into the center of your heart and then open the mouth, let it go. What does it feel like to be here right now, he way you already are? And notice what your heart shows you or where your awareness is brought immediately. So, perhaps you're having a very high energy day today. You're feeling excited or happy or grateful or joyful. Just take a moment to notice what that feels like right now and what it feels like to honor and hold that emotion in your heart in this moment. And if the moment you bring your awareness to your heart space, you feel something else, maybe today you're feeling low, you're feeling tired. You're sad, worried, anxious, fearful, angry, upset. Take a moment to notice what that is like. What is it like to hold that emotion in your heart? Whichever side of the spectrum you've landed in this moment, can you take a moment right now just to allow whatever feeling is here?

[04:05] So, without being so quick to change it or fix it or move into something else, right? Just give yourself a moment right now to allow, to feel and to deeply accept that this is what today has brought you. So, if you're feeling sad, can you, in your body right now, allow yourself to really express that sadness. Maybe let your shoulders drop, or wrap your arms around yourself, let your face soften completely and try to really channel the expression of that emotion. And if you're feeling excited right now, same thing. How can you embody that a little more? How can you express that excitement through your body right now? Maybe lift your heart, lift your chin, put a smile on your face. Just hold that emotion in a visible way. So, wherever you are at, go into it a little bit deeper, allow it fully, and then place one or both of your hands to your heart space. Let your next couple of breaths be drawn into this place that you're holding beneath your hands right now. So, breathing into your heart and breathing out from your heart, breathing into your heart space and breathing out from your heart.

[05:43] Taking a moment right now just to honor this emotion and the way it's being expressed here now, then trusting that whatever it is you're feeling right now, whatever it is you're feeling today, that it's fleeting, right? Not just the hard things, but also the good things. Also the easy, also the flow, that everything is fleeting, nothing is permanent and trusting that whatever you're experiencing here now is not going to be here forever. So, instead of escaping it or moving around it, can you take the rest of the day today to give yourself space to feel, to give yourself space to be the way you are right now, to not have to shift or change anything about your emotional state. What would it be like to spend the rest of the day honoring what you're feeling and listening to what your heart is asking for you in return? Perhaps what you need today is a really calm, quiet day without any expectations, or perhaps what you need today is an exciting high level, energy day, filled with movement, then give yourself that. Whatever your heart needs, meet that need in every way possible today.

[07:11] So, with that, let's go ahead and take the deepest breath we've taken all day long, this time breathing into your heart, and then pulling that breath all the way down to the bottom of the belly and take a moment to hold the breath there, and then open the mouth and let it out. Whenever you feel ready, you can blink your eyes open. I'm wishing you a beautiful rest of this day, spent in alignment with your feelings. Thank you so much for joining me for this short practice. Yoga Girl Daily will be back tomorrow.

[End of Episode]