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Yoga Girl Daily - September 9th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Meditation, Wellbeing Wednesday

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About the Episode

The body breathes for you all day, every day.

It is both voluntary and involuntary. We can choose to focus on our breath, connect to it, slow it down or speed it up - but if we don’t it is still there.

In today’s meditation, you will anchor into your breath and witness it moving through you. It has the power to cleanse and clear your entire being with one inhale. Tune in to sense it and honor it.


[00:47] Welcome back to Yoga Girl Daily, everyone! Happy Wednesday, happy hump day. We have made it half way through the work week. I hope you are having a good day so far. It is time for us to take a moment to sit down and anchor into our own bodies and our own breaths. So, join me for a couple of minutes of meditation right now. Just wherever you are. Take a moment to close the eyes and let's begin with a cleansing breath - and before we go there, just take a moment right now to envision anything you are holding onto right now, anything that's been lingering in your body or in your mind today that you would like to rid yourself of. Perhaps something heavy or something sticky or something tense that you would like to put down and I want you to imagine that this big breath we're going to take together, as if it could cleanse and clear your entire being and on the exhale, releasing whatever no longer serves you. Are you ready? Let's do it together. So, deepest inhale of the day, full breath in through the nose. At the very top of the breath, take a moment to pause, hold that breath in and then let it all go.

[02:17] Beautiful and bring the breath back through the nose. Take a few moments just to anchor into the here and now. So, sensing how your breath now is moving in and out of the nose, sensing the beating of your heart, sensing whatever is flowing through the body in this moment, acknowledging any sensations that you might be experiencing in any particular part of your body right now, and perhaps doing a little scan through the body, just to locate any part of your body right now where you might be holding on to a bit of tension or where there's maybe just a lot of energy accumulated right now. If there's something you're able to soften in this moment, do it now. And perhaps that means just softening your face or letting the shoulders drop, letting the belly soften, releasing your hands, your fingers, your feet. Softening into yourself here now. And then start to follow the breath just with your own awareness.

[03:31] So, nothing complicated or difficult, just tracking the breath with your focus, with your presence right now. And see if you can start to figure out where within the body, your breath in is actually going, where are you naturally directing and bringing that breath? And on the exhale, where is the breath coming from and how is it moving through the body as you release that breath all the way back out? So, you can start to become very present and aware of all those subtle, tiny, barely noticeable changes and shifts that happen within you with every cycle of breath. It takes a lot, lot of shifts, a lot of changes, lots of expansion for every breath in to take place, and lots of subtle movements that happen for every breath out to arrive. And the miracle is that your body does this all day long. So, taking this moment to really settle into your own self, honoring the body for taking these breaths for you.

[04:53] You know, the really amazing thing about the breath is it's both involuntary and voluntary at the same time. So, your body will breathe for you all day, but you can also choose to deepen the breath. You can choose to slow the breath down. You can choose to allow every breath in to help clear space for what you need and allow every breath out to release what you don't. So, take this moment right now, just experiencing this breath inside of the body. Experiencing this place of softness, of not having to try so hard, of just letting yourself be the way you are here now. Let's take a moment right now just in absolute silence, feeling the breath, feeling the breath in this moment. And continuing to hold this space for yourself. So, not just for the next few minutes, but for the rest of the day, knowing you have this beautiful opportunity to return to the breath and return to this place of space and silence inside of yourself at any moment of the day. Whenever you need a moment to ground, to reconnect to who you are, just return to the breath in this way. Let's take one more of those cleansing breaths to close. So, if you can an even deeper breath in than the one we took at the beginning of the practice, and again, envisioning whatever you want to release, that you have the power to softly, with kindness, let all of that go. Long, deep, full breath in through the nose, pause at the top for a moment, open the mouth and let it go. You can blink your eyes open. Thank you so much for anchoring into yourself together with me for just a few moments. Yoga Girl Daily will be back tomorrow.

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