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Yoga Girl Daily - January 8th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Meditation, Wellbeing Wednesday

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About the Episode

It is time for our most important practice - our meditation practice!

If you find yourself in the mindset that you don’t need mediation or that it’s not productive, that usually means you need it more. After all, there is nothing more important than getting to know yourself in the here and now. Even 5 minutes of meditation can impact your life in a big way!

Tune in to become present with your breath. It will allow you to be present with everything else in your life in the exact same way.


[00:35] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily and happy Wednesday! Wednesday is officially my favorite part of the week right now, at least when it comes to this specific podcast meditation. We meditate every Wednesday on the Yoga Girl Daily podcast and meditation for me, it's one of those things that I sometimes tell myself I don't need or I tend to prioritize other things if I'm choosing between, you know, meditation and something else, my mind will tell me that, Oh, go do something productive. But actually what helps me bring about the most wellbeing in my life is sitting down in silence. There's nothing that compares to it. So it's almost that day to day little struggle that I have with my mind, of my mind telling me, no, go do something else. But then I make myself sit down anyway. And at the end of it, I know that there's nothing more important that I could be doing than getting to know myself in this way, than being totally present with my heart, with my surroundings, just using the tools that I have to tune in so that I can be totally present here, now. It's the greatest, greatest gift. So even five minutes of meditation can really make a big change in your life. I hope you have a comfortable place to sit down right now, someplace you can close your eyes so that you can absolutely tune into your own body. A place where you're not distracted.

[02:07] And let's begin with a cleansing breath. So take a full deep inhale in through the nose, open the mouth and let a little something go. And you can close your eyes and just relax back into your seat. We’ll start this practice by just gradually beginning to tune into the breath. So little by little, noticing that flow of breath, inhaling in through the nose and out through the nose. And without having to change or shift too much around, see if you can just become present with the breath the way it already is. And this is a practice that I find so wonderful because it reminds us to be present with every aspect of our lives in that same way. So just noticing the way the breath is moving through the body in this moment, the way it already is. What's happening, what's unfolding in this moment right here, right now? And see if you can become very aware without dropping into any kind of judgment. So if a judgemental thought comes along, just bring your awareness back to the breath and notice the qualities of the breath right here. What does this breath feel like for you? What does this breath sound like right now? Does it feel like this breath is long? Is it taking up plenty of space? Or does it feel like the breath is short or restricted? Just notice. Is there a great depth to this breath, or does it feel a shallow?

[04:03] Notice which parts of the body are involved in this breath. What's shifting as you breathe in through the nose and as you pull that breath all the way down to the bottom of the lungs, what shifts physically right there? And then notice that moment where the breath turns becomes the exhale and it moves from the bottom of the lungs all the way out through the nose again. What happens there in that moment? There are a hundred tiny little shifts that happen in the body with every breath in and every breath out. So just notice that. And the beauty of the practice of just becoming present with what's already here, noticing the breath as it is, is that little bits at a time, this breath is going to begin to grow deeper. The breath is going to begin to grow fuller. It’s like, by witnessing the breath, by noticing everything that's unfolding right now, by slowing down and just being here, you give your body a chance to let go. You give the body a chance to soften and immediately together with that softening, the breath has a little more space to grow as well.

[05:32] So there is more freedom that comes along inside of the body through that action of just being here. We cannot hold on to tension. We cannot judge. We cannot think and be totally present at the same time. So when you're absolutely here, you're feeling this moment the way it is. You might even notice that the corners of your just turn up into the hint of a smile. You lose that frown, you lose that feeling of complication. Everything just is the way it is. How beautiful is that, to just let everything be the way it already is? Let's take another beautiful breath into that place. Open the mouth and release. You can go ahead and blink the eyes open. If you'd like to stay in silence a little bit longer just to linger in this space, go ahead. Yoga Girl Daily will be back with some gratitude tomorrow.

[End of Episode]