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Yoga Girl Daily - January 22nd 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Meditation, Wellbeing Wednesday

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About the Episode

When you find space, you will find freedom along with it.

Today’s meditation practice focuses on the art of finding space both physically and energetically. You will use your breath to invite an opening to the parts of your body that feel stuck.

Every inhale creates expansion, and every exhale releases something weighing you down.

Tune in to find space, lightness, and most importantly… freedom!


[00:36] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily and happy Wednesday! I hope you're having a beautiful day wherever you are so far. Today for our meditation, I am really feeling the vibration of space and freedom right now. For me, there's a big connection to that for this week's intention, which was to get organized and clear. Whenever we get organized in our lives, I think immediately what follows is a sense of space and freedom. We were inquiring a little bit about that yesterday for Tune-In Tuesdays, so today I would love to do a meditation to feel into the body and give ourselves a little bit more space to just be free.

[01:25] So finding a comfortable place to sit down. And really, when I say giving ourselves space to be free, that means that even you don't have to listen or act on everything I say in these meditations either. So really feeling that inner freedom to choose how you want to meditate. Perhaps you want to lie down. Maybe you want to stand up. Maybe you're in movement, perhaps curled up on the couch. Wherever you are, whatever feels good for you. You can close the eyes if that feels good and perhaps intuitively placing your hand somewhere on the body. Let's start by taking a very deep, very releasing breath in and out.

[02:13] And beginning this practice by checking in with the body. So of course we have a very physical connection to the body. It's our physical vessel, our temple. There's also an energetic connection there is. Let's tune into both those levels of this experience. First on that physical plane. What does it feel like to reside here in this body physically right now? And especially on the topic of space and freedom, is there someplace in your body where you're not feeling spacious right now? You can do a little scan from the crown of the head down, past the shoulders, the torso, out into the arms and then all the way down into the legs and the soles of the feet. Is there any part of the body where you feel at all restricted or tense in this moment? It's absolutely natural. We all accumulate tension in different parts of the body.

[03:11] So if you find that place energetically, so moving into that energetic plane, begin to invite some spaciousness into that part of the body. And that could be imagining that you're pulling your next breath down toward that body part, wherever it is, or just bringing some intention in toward that awareness in the body. So intentionally drawing the awareness of space, of freedom, of opening, and to that part of the body where you feel like you really need it right now. We are very powerful when it comes to connecting our energy with our intention. And you actually have the ability to open up and invite a little more spaciousness in any part of the body where you might be needing it in this moment. So, let's do that here, now. Envisioning deep, slow breaths being drawn in to that part of the body. And if you don't have one area where you feel a little stuck, perhaps just inviting that freedom into your entire being, so from the crown of the head down to the tips of the toes, every breath in bringing about more space, every breath in inviting freedom into this moment. And every time you exhale, imagining that you're releasing something that has been weighing you down, something that's brought you that feeling of being stuck or any kind of tension. Let your exhales help you rid the body of all of that stuck energy, and every time you exhale, you're automatically leaving space within. Let's take a few more breaths, just like that. Big, full, deep breaths in.

[05:04] Slow releasing breaths out. Inhaling fully, exhaling all the way. Inhaling, inviting more space and exhaling to let go. Let's do one more breathe, and this time, open up the mouth and exhale. Go ahead and blink your eyes open and take a moment to really bring your awareness to your surroundings, this place where you found yourself in this moment here, now. What a blessing to be alive, to be here in this body, in this moment in life. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for giving me this moment, this practice, this breath. Thank you so much for meditating with me today. Yoga Girl Daily will be back with some gratitude tomorrow.

[End of Episode]