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Yoga Girl Daily - July 22nd 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Wellbeing Wednesday, Meditation

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About the Episode

How much of your day is spent in your thinking mind?

To find true presence, our awareness needs to be here, now. Not in our mind, past or future, but in our heart, body and breath.

Today’s meditation will allow you to expand your presence to every cell in your body. When you find true presence, you may also discover the sense of peace that comes along with it.

Tune in to begin.


[00:46] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily, happy Wednesday, and welcome to our meditation practice of the week. Let's cozy up together, so find a comfortable place to sit. Give yourself a little bit of space right now so you can ground into the body. Let's start right away by just closing the eyes. And then immediately right now, as you close your eyes, take a moment to check in with, if there's any specific part of your body, where you are sensing a little more presence right now. See if you can drop right into that space of just noticing what it feels like to be here in your body right now. Where does your awareness go?

[01:42] Give yourself a little bit of space, just to sense your presence in your body in this moment. Where does your awareness automatically land? Maybe you feel a little bit of a tingling sensation somewhere in the body, perhaps a bit of warmth centering in a specific area, or just noticing that your awareness, your focus ended up in a specific place. And take a moment to acknowledge that. Sit with that a little bit. We'll see if we can start to allow for your awareness to expand from that place and little bits at a time, so just little by little, expanding your awareness all throughout your entire body.

[02:36] I'm sensing right now, a lot of awareness across my heart. That's where my awareness went immediately. I can feel the beating of my heart and just some sensation in that place. So, wherever your presence is at right now, focus on that part of your body and then begin expanding that area. Take up a little bit more space. So, from that part of the body, reaching the next body part and then the next, and then the next, and eventually occupying your entire body with your presence. You can do a scan of the body, beginning at the center point of the crown of the head, moving down past your face, down the sides of the neck, the shoulders, chest, out into the arms and the fingertips. And then from the chest down the torso, hips, out into both legs, and then eventually bringing that awareness all the way down to the soles of your feet. And then staying just as present, follow your body all the way back up until you reach the crown of your head again.

[04:00] And the moment you arrive here, just sensing your presence, this totality of your awareness in your body, in this moment. Maybe it took you all day to get here. Maybe a part of you has longed to be really present in the body. We tend to spend so much time with our awareness in our heads and our minds, immersed in thought. We need this practice of bringing our awareness lower into our being so we can ground and feel at one with this earth we walk upon. So in this moment, sensing yourself, your presence, your breath, your beating heart in this moment.

[04:53] What does it feel like for you to be here right now? What is your experience of this moment like? And then take a deeper breath in and open up to the answer to that question. Open mind, open heart, deep breaths. What does it feel like now that you have fully arrived, now that you're really here and perhaps it is the first moment of your whole day that you're really here sensing yourself, intimate with yourself, feeling your heart, your breath, your body in this moment. How are you doing? Let's take another breath into whatever the answer to that question is. And this time open the mouth and exhale to let it all out. Feel free to stay here, just the way you are, your presence occupying every little bit of your body. Staying here with your breath, sensing what it's like for you to be here right now. Just remaining in this space for a little bit longer. Whenever you're ready, you can blink your eyes open and continue with the rest of the day, but if you feel like lingering here for five or 10 more minutes, stay exactly as you are. Here, now. Thank you so much for practicing with me today. Yoga Girl Daily will be back tomorrow.

[End of Episode]