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Yoga Girl Daily - August 5th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Wellbeing Wednesday, Meditation, Self-Love

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About the Episode

This year has been a challenging one in terms of taking care of ourselves. When we aren’t feeling our best, we usually start to feel even worse if judgement sets in.

But here’s the thing: our bodies shift and adapt to change so well - it is only our minds telling us we are falling short.

Today’s meditation will allow you drop the ego and find a place of simply being.

Tune in to honor where you are - it is exactly where you are meant to be.


[01:08] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily! Happy Wednesday, everyone. And welcome to our meditation practice of this week. It's hump day, and I honestly, I don't know any day of the week where I don't need a moment to myself to tune into my body, to focus my thoughts and my awareness in this present moment. Every day is a good day to meditate. So, if you aren't benefiting from these Wednesday episodes of the Yoga Girl Daily podcast, feel free to come back to them at any time of the week.

[01:45] So, right now let's find a moment to sit down, create a little more space for yourself to stretch out, or wiggle anything around that needs to be moved and then let yourself arrive at a place of comfort. And take a moment right now, see if you can do this completely without judgment to notice physically in this moment, so in your body, on the pure physical level, how are you doing overall? And maybe not just in this moment, but today, these past couple of days, weeks, months, how is your body doing? Perhaps you're having a good year in terms of taking care of your health and you're feeling energized and spacious and healthy, or perhaps like many of us this year has been a little bit challenging in terms of taking care of yourself. And perhaps right now you're feeling sluggish or tired or you're experiencing tension or pain anywhere in the body.

[02:52] Take a moment just to notice wherever you feel like you land on that spectrum, the judgment that often comes connected to that. This idea of perhaps putting a lot of pressure on yourself to do things perfectly all the time, right? To eat only the right things to move enough, to drink enough water, to breathe enough fresh air. So many things that we feel like we should be doing all the time. And sometimes life gets in the way and we fall a little bit short, right? That's life. That's what it's like being a human being. And if you feel right now that you're a struggling a little bit physically in terms of your health or in terms of how you feel being in this body right now, I want you to take a moment in this here now to honor where you are at right now and acknowledge where you are at right now without judgment.

[03:51] And that’s a hard thing to do. Or we have a very judgmental mind that tells us, or likes to tell us that we're not doing enough. So, see if you can approach your body right now in a place of acceptance, right? In a place of acceptance, appreciating and accepting your body and what it weighs right now, what it looks like right now, how it feels right now, where it's soft right now, where it's expanded perhaps, where it's changed if it has. And taking a deep breath right now, all the way down, past the bottom of the lungs and letting your breath reach the tips of your toes. So, fill your body with some fresh air.

[04:45] And then as you exhale through the nose, let the exhale be drawn from the tips of your toes, exhaling all the way out through the nose and take a few moments just like that: deep, long breaths, try to involve your entire body in each cycle of breath. Take a moment to shift from that place of thinking about your body or judging your body toward just being in the body, toward just feeling the body. And whether you're feeling healthy or unhealthy right now, whether you're feeling light or heavy, high or low, know that what this body holds for you every day of your life is almost unbelievable. It's almost unimaginable. What this body holds for you. What this body creates for you every day. So far this year, your body has held you throughout a global pandemic. Your body has been here to hold you as you've moved through loss and change and pain and struggle and fear. Your body is here, performing a miracle every moment of every day, keeping your heart beating, keeping that breath flowing through your lungs, digesting the food that you eat, cleansing your body from toxins, regenerating yourself. All of this happens without your doing. The body does all of this for you.

[06:27] So take a moment right now just to honor everything the body has held for you this year and beyond, and perhaps by allowing yourself to dwell in the body and to be truly present in the body, we can start appreciating the body for what it is. And not only in the moments when we feel energized or when we feel super healthy, but also in the moments when we feel tired or when we get sick or when we feel low, the body changes and shifts to adapt to what's around us and also to adapt to the story that our mind tells us about the body. So, can I take a moment right now to just be here, breathing in my body, just experiencing life from this body and move away from that judgment of good or bad to just be here now. Taking this final moment to let your entire presence feel your body from head to toe. Let that presence fill you up and then take another deep, full breath in. And this time, open the mouth and let it out. As you blink your eyes open and you get ready to move on with the rest of your day, continue returning to the body in this way, with acceptance, honoring the body for what it is right now. Just returning to this moment again and again and again. Thank you so much for practicing with me today. Yoga Girl Daily will be back tomorrow.

[End of Episode]