A Meditation to Embrace the Now favorite_border

Yoga Girl Daily - April 15th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Meditation, Wellbeing Wednesday

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About the Episode

Today, as with all other days, we drop into our meditation practice to connect to the present moment and leave our thinking minds behind.

No meditation practice may be exactly the same, but they all bring us into the here and now. Just as all rivers lead to the ocean, all roads lead us home.

Tune in to let go of resistance from the past, forget worries for the future and allow this moment to unfold exactly as it is.


[00:43] Welcome to the Yoga Girl Daily and happy Wednesday! Hoping you've had a beautiful day so far, that you're feeling good in your body and in your mind right now. Let's dive into our meditation practice of the week. So, finding a comfortable place to sit wherever you are in this moment. Let's go ahead and close the eyes and just right away, right away, bring your awareness inward. No, there are many ways to direct our awareness home. So take a moment to check in right now how you would like to enter this practice. So, it's this practice of bringing our awareness to the now. to the present moment, beginning to direct some awareness away from the thinking mind or beginning to create at least a little more space between each one of our thoughts. A beautiful doorway into the present moment of courses connecting to the breath. So, you can begin to focus on that very soft, very gentle connection to the inhale and the exhale. You can let your awareness stay anchored here with the breath. Remaining very focused on that, inviting in of energy and then letting it go, bringing in and letting go.

[02:33] Or perhaps right now you would like to listen to the sound of the breath. So, using your hearing as a way to bring awareness here, now. If we can stay very present with what we can hear in this moment than every sound that comes our way, it's absolutely neutral.

[02:58] So even sound of a dog barking in the background or anything you might be able to hear right now. Letting all of that be a part of this experience. How can I allow myself to simply be here, witnessing this experience? Allowing this experience to unfold without resistance, without lingering in the past, without waiting for the future, but simply allowing myself to be here now, to listen to any sounds as they unfold and come my way, to keep my awareness here on the breath, or by simply arriving at a place inside where I can feel what's unfolding within me right now. And especially around the feeling, around the emotional body or the feeling heart. We sometimes come across a bit of resistance, especially if what we're feeling right now is a bit uncomfortable. So take a moment to check in right now. Still listening to any sounds that are coming your way. Still keeping your awareness on the breath in and the breath out, feeling into your heart.

[04:29] What is unfolding inside of you in this now? And if what you are encountering is something that comes along with some discomfort, allow yourself to dwell there. Let's just take another deeper breath into that place. And somehow all of this merging as one, the sounds of our surroundings, the flow of the breath, the feeling we are experiencing inside.

[05:05] Witnessing how this entire experience can be painful and beautiful all at once. Let's take the final moments of this practice to just be here in silence. Just witnessing and allowing for this moment to unfold exactly the way it is. Let’s take one more full breath in, open the mouth and gently blink your eyes open. Thank you so much for grounding into this practice and staying here in the present moment with me for a few minutes today. Yoga Girl Daily will be back tomorrow.