A Meditation to Embrace All That Is favorite_border

Yoga Girl Daily - July 1st 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Wellbeing Wednesday, Meditation

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About the Episode

The perfect moment to mediate is always here, now - but that doesn’t mean that our meditation practice is easy.

Allowing for whatever is stirring inside you - whatever emotion, whatever thought, whatever experience - is a difficult practice that requires patience. It is when we stop resisting and embrace the moment for how it truly is that we can begin to take action.

Tune in to allow, embrace and accept.


[00:04] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily, happy Wednesday, and welcome to our meditation practice of the week. It is a perfect moment to sit down and ground, don't you think? I find it always interesting, you know, the moment that we come to this podcast or anything that helps to ground us, whatever resources you’re using in your day, somehow usually it's always the right time, isn't it? So trusting that the fact that you're listening to these words right now means that right now, it's a great moment for you to just take five minutes to anchor deeper into your own body. So with that, let's find a comfortable place to sit. And today, how about we create a little more space within, by grounding a little bit deeper to Mother Earth. So if you have your legs crossed, or if you're leaning back on a couch right now, let's go ahead and come to the edge of your seat just a little bit.

[01:02] So you can really root the souls of both of your feet down to the ground. So, uncrossing the legs, planting your feet firmly to the earth, and then as you route your seat down, see if you can create some more space around the area of your spine. So, all the way from the seat, from your tailbone, up through the crown of the head. So, rooting down to earth while allowing the crown to continue to rise. And with that closing the eyes and right away, just right away, come to the breath, come to the breath, come to the breath. And notice right away, how has your breath treating you today? What's the quality of the inhale and the exhale as it moves through the nose? What does it feel like to be here in this body right now, and really just allow whatever is unfolding inside of you right now, whatever you're experiencing in your body in this moment. See if you can just give it some space, just allowing whatever is present here, now. That might be an easy thing to, an easy concept to contemplate, but it can be quite challenging to actually on that deep cellular level, truly allow this moment for what it is. So we practice that, right? That's what this moment is. It's a practice of sinking deeply into your own being and allowing, accepting, embracing what's already come your way.

[02:52] And if that means today that you're experiencing some pain, whether that's physical pain, pain in body, or if it's emotional pain, some pain resonating or lingering across your heart, allowing for that to remain the way it is, meaning that we don't resist it just for now. Not saying to go about the rest of your day and allow people to treat you any other way or any way they like, but just for now with these moments, allowing what's here to just be here. The beauty of that practice, of just meeting the moment as it is in these moments of meditation is it gives us a little bit of space. It allows us to drop the shoulders, maybe to put some of that resistance or reluctance down so we can just acknowledge that, okay, this is where I am right now. I'm experiencing pain, okay.

[03:58] Hmm. And once we've arrived at that moment of, Hmm, then we can take action. So, if there's something you want to shift or change in your life, if there is a boundary, you want to set, something you want to speak up about, a change that you want to see made. We're going to feel so much more empowered to follow through on that once we have anchored into the body. And once we have met this present moment for what it is. So noticing that within you right now, and of course, if what you're experiencing now is not pain, but something entirely different, same thing. Meet yourself where you are. If joy is here today, meet that joy with open arms, allow it, embrace it, accept it. If you're feeling some disconnect today, perhaps it's hard to really put into words what this feeling you're experiencing right now is, meet that inside of yourself as well. And just notice, just notice what it's like to be here, to take these breaths, to experience this moment as it is right now, because here you are, here we all are. Let's take one more deeply connected breath in through the nose.

[05:38] Pause to hold a breath for just a moment and then open the mouth and exhale it out. Feel free to linger in this present moment. Allowing, embracing, accepting your body, your breath, this moment just for a little while longer, if it serves you. And then when you're ready, you'll open your eyes. Take another breath and maybe take some action today. Thank you so much for anchoring into this practice with me on this Wednesday. Yoga Girl Daily will be back with some gratitude tomorrow.

[End of Episode]