A Meditation to Bring Light to the Heavy favorite_border

Yoga Girl Daily - May 6th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Meditation, Wellbeing Wednesday

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About the Episode

Our bodies are constantly renewing themselves - our cells are regenerating, our organs are detoxifying, and our minds are integrating. With everyday, and every meditation practice, comes a new opportunity for the body to reset.

Tune in today to connect with any part of your body that feels a little heavier than usual.

By using the power of your breath, you can shift your focus to the light and begin new once more.


[00:46] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily, happy Wednesday, happy hump day and happy Wellbeing Wednesday as well! Today is our meditation day, so we have a couple of minutes of grounding and meditation ahead of us right now. Let's go ahead and find a comfortable place to sit, just where we can relax into the body a little bit and I would love to connect back to the energy that we've had on these daily podcast episodes so far this week, which is all around clearing out the old to make space for something new. Now our bodies are constantly renewing themselves. You know, as you're listening to these words, you have cells inside of you that are being regenerated as I speak. There is every day a new opportunity for the body to really arrive at a place of resetting. The body detoxifies naturally on its own and as we start to just feel into the body a little bit right now, I want to take a moment just to sense if there's any part of your body that feels a little heavy.

[02:02] When I say that, I don't mean that in a physical sense. You know of feeling heavy has nothing to do with what any number on a scale says. Feeling heavy is hat sense of energy that we can feel in the body doesn't have anything to do with what the body looks like, but just what the body feels like here, now. So if we give ourselves a moment right now just to sink a little deeper into the seat. Without having to hold anything up without having to hold anything together, let the belly soften. Let the shoulders drop, let your face go all together. So drop the idea that we have to have a certain face, you know, all the time and just let everything kind of hang. And as you sink into this place of feeling the body, which is very, very different than approaching the body from a mind space and judging the body. Feeling from the inside, is there an area of your body right now that feels a little heavy? Yeah, a little weighed down by something. Maybe an area of your body that feels a little stuck right now. When I do this practice and I try to do this at some point every day, immediately my awareness is brought to my right hand that I strangely injured this week just a little bit, but I can feel this kind of heavy energy, this heaviness there in that, that part of my hand and my arm.

[03:41] And then if I go a little bit deeper, I can also sense a little bit of heaviness around my heart as well. I've been carrying a lot lately and if I get really present with my heart right now, I can sense there's something there that feels stuck. Maybe sad.

[04:02] So take a moment just to do this same kind of practice just for you. Where in your body right now are you experiencing something that maybe feels old? Yeah. Played out? Tense? Just notice and try to check in in that way without any kind of judgment. Yeah. It's not a bad thing to feel a sense of heaviness in the body. It's totally normal. Our ability to go from heaviness to lightness, from happy to sad, from light to dark. That's what makes us human. And then take a deep breath in into whichever area of the body you can feel your energy is focused right now.

[04:49] And then continue sinking a little bit deeper with your presence and notice now, if there is some specific area of your body that feels light, if there's an area of your body where you can sense some lightness, some buoyancy, Maybe they're set a little bit of extra space right there. Perhaps there's an area of the body where it's easier to breathe, part of the body that feels energized or strong. And notice right now how it's entirely possible to have one area of the body feel heavy and have other areas of the body feel light. Just because a part of us feels broken or feels weighed down, doesn't mean we're weighed down as a whole, right? And everything connects. So if we bring a little more awareness to the parts of ourselves that are feeling light right now, I can sense some lightness actually around my jaw, my teaks, my mouth, just talking about, you know, lightness actually brings lightness to my face. I'm smiling a little bit as I speak. Also, I'm wiggling my toes as I'm speaking these words so I can sense a little bit of a buzzing feeling there on my feet, my toes, my legs.

[06:25] And then taking a deep breath into that place. Yeah, and sometimes, you know, we scan through the body and we don't know, right? We could feel heavy, we could feel light, we could feel someplace right in between. The practice is exactly this. It's just closing our eyes, sinking a little deeper and just acknowledging where we are. Now. Take a deep breath and imagine this breath is filling your entire body as a whole with lights. Open the mouth and let it go.

[07:10] Now before we close this meditation place one or both hands to your heart center. I want you to think about or connect with one practice or something that you can do today that is going to help bring some lightness into your body. Something you can do today that will bring some lightness to your body. Perhaps your body wants to move. Yeah. Perhaps your body wants to rest. Maybe your body wants to take a long bath. Maybe your body wants to do yoga, maybe wants to sit in stillness. Perhaps it wants to dance for five minutes. Think about something that your body would like, right? Not just to bring some lightness. Maybe it needs some water. When was the last time you really focused on drinking enough water in a day? Feel in for that answer right now, and then if you can, the moment this podcast ends, go give yourself this gift of just inviting some lightness, some fresh new energy to yourself. Thank you so much for practicing with me today. Yoga Girl Daily will be back tomorrow.

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