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Yoga Girl Daily - October 7th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Meditation, Wellbeing Wednesday, Self-Love

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About the Episode

We all have patterns of tension and holding on in our physical bodies. Where are your spots of tightness?

Today’s meditation will allow you direct your breath and energy into the areas that you need to soften. As you check in with yourself, notice what shows up. We have become conditioned to change, shift, and avoid - are you doing that right now?

Today’s practice will allow you to close your eyes, place your hands on your body, and truly feel. Tune in to allow everything that is.


[00:04] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily, happy Wednesday, and welcome to our meditation practice of this week. Let's start right away. So, just wherever you are right now, whatever's happening in your life or in your day to day, give yourself this short practice, so this moment just to sit down, close your eyes. And if intuitively you want to connect your hands somewhere on top of the body, go ahead and trust in that. So, maybe your hands end up by your heart or by your belly or your legs. And then see if there is something within your body that you could soften right now. Even if it's just a little bit. We tend to hold on to a lot in the physical body, we all have patterns of holding on, and usually that happens without us thinking about it, right? And we have different parts of our bodies that naturally accumulate more than others.

[01:03] So, just checking in with that specific part of your own body that you know tends to hold a lot. For me, it's the shoulders, the upper back, and sometimes the neck. So, I'll just make a more conscious effort there to soften, to create a little more space, and then notice where your awareness landed just now, what part of the body that you know could use a little bit of softening. And then use your breath just to direct a little more space into that part of your body. So deep, full, long breath in through the nose and through the nose, softening on the exhale. And then continue keeping the awareness within your physical body. And noticing the sensations of the body in this moment. What does it feel like to be here, to sit here, in your life situation, in your body, and in this moment in time? Noticing whatever comes up or shows up as an answer to that question, what does it feel like to be here?

[02:23] I don't think we ask ourselves that question enough, you know, just a little check-in like, Hey, how am I doing? How is my experience in this life right now? And something you can always trust is that it's going to be different than it was yesterday. Probably different than it was an hour ago, maybe five minutes ago. So, just notice, go ahead and continue those slow breaths in and out of the nose, just feeling into this particular sensation happening within the body. Energetically, you know, what does this feel like? Emotionally, what's the emotion that you're holding in your heart right now? Physically what is it like to be here? Is there a heavy sensation somewhere in the body? Or can you experience some lightness right now? Is it easy to breathe or do you feel any restriction around the breath in this moment? What about the temperature of the body or of the breath?

[03:30] Can you sense a tingling somewhere in the body or just an accumulation of energy somewhere specific? Just notice, tracking these sensations as they move through you right now. And this is such a beautiful and simple practice to just close our eyes, place our hands to the body and feel, and really feel. We have become so conditioned to constantly have to shift and change and improve and avoid. And what this practice is, it's just you here, present with what already is. Without having to fix anything, without having to change anything. Just allowing yourself to be the way you are, knowing the way you are in this moment and what you're feeling in this moment on every level is absolutely perfect. And that can be a hard thing to swallow, especially if what you're feeling right now is heavy or sad or anxious, but see if you can give yourself just a few more moments to allow for this experience. If anxiety is here, to notice that, to track that within the body. Well, what does it feel like? Can you describe what that feeling actually is in the body? Where does it go? How does it move? What's the experience? And without resisting it or feeling forced to change it to something else, just give it a little more space. Just feel, just notice, without labeling it as bad or terrible or anything other than what it is.

[05:26] So, whatever is moving through you right now, just staying totally present with that. With your body, with your breath and with this feeling, with this experience now. And then whatever is there, we're going to take a deep, full breath right into that place, a long full breath in through the nose. Pause at the top of the breath and then open the mouth and let it all go. Feel free to linger in this space of just noticing what's moving inside of the body for a little while longer. Thank you so much for joining me for this practice today. I'll be back tomorrow.

[End of Episode]