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Yoga Girl Daily - December 25th 2019

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Meditation, Wellbeing Wednesday

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About the Episode

This year Christmas falls on Wellbeing Wednesday, which means Yoga Girl Daily is providing you with the gift of meditation!

This is a day of high energy, love, and excitement. It can also be a day of stress, with lots of people to visit and so much to do.

Give yourself the gift of five minutes to yourself to sit in stillness. It can make the day so much more special.

Remember, the real present is being present.


[01:01] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily and Merry Christmas, everyone! I am so excited that Christmas day falls on a Wednesday this year because it means that I get to give you all the gift of meditation on Christmas day. For many of us, Christmas day is a day of so much excitement, high energy, lots of people to spend time with and gifts and food and so much excitement and so much love present around us on this day. It can also be a slightly stressful time. Perhaps you have a lot of things to do and things to get done. Maybe you're traveling today, you're seeing family, so giving yourself the gift of sitting down in silence to feel into the body, to feel into the heart really is a crucial thing to do today. So, I’m happy to be able to gift you these five minutes of grounding on this very, very special holiday. Let's go ahead and get started. So let's find a comfortable place to sit. It doesn't have to be this idea of a long spine or anything like that, but just relaxing into a chair or on the couch somewhere you can softly just breathe and connect to this present moment.

[02:23] And let's go ahead and close the eyes and I'd love to open this practice by placing the palms of our hands on top of the center of the heart, feeling your palms resting on top of your chest. And right away bringing some awareness to your heart space, to your heart center. What does it feel like to sit here right now without expectation, without judgment, without getting too much into your mind around this inquiry, but just feeling your heart instead, feeling into your body instead. What does it feel like to arrive to this moment? Perhaps Christmas day is a day that you long for all year. Maybe it's your favorite holiday. Perhaps you're dreading this day. Maybe you feel overwhelmed around Christmas. Whatever's there, let's let that be. So letting this session be a little bit of space for you just to feel what's moving inside without having to hide anything or change anything or fix anything. Just letting yourself sit here the way you already are. And then with that feeling, whatever feeling is there, if it's love or confusion or excitement or worry or maybe all of it mixed up into one big, big, big beating heart right now, allowing some space for you to feel that. Letting your shoulders drop.

[04:09] Letting your next breath in grow just a little bit deeper and fuller than the last. Feeling into your body in this moment. And using your senses to increase that level of awareness, so you can be fully present here, now. Feeling your heart beating inside of your chest. So noticing that connection between your hands and your heart center right now. Noticing the sensation of your clothes on your skin, your seat, the chair behind your back, listening to any sounds that you hear around you in this moment. Sensing any smells. Using all of your senses to become very, very present right here, right now. And perhaps just by allowing yourself to be the way you are in this moment, you can melt a little deeper into this seat right now. Letting your chest drop a little bit. Turn the corners of the mouth up into the hint of a smile. Just sensing the gratitude that comes along with allowing ourselves to just be here. Knowing that to fully enjoy, to fully immerse yourself in that spirit of Christmas, there's nothing you have to do. There's nothing you have to look for or seek outside of yourself. But that feeling of being home, it's already within you.

[05:52] It's already in that space of your beating heart, that connection of your hands to this very sacred, sacred container inside of your chest. It’s already here. And there's nothing you can do today to add to this feeling. But if anything, the more we soften, the more we release expectation around what this day is supposed to be and the more we give ourselves that space to just be here, the more we're going to be able to truly enjoy this day spent with the people we love. So taking another deep, full breath right into that beautiful space inside of your heart. Open the mouth and let it go. And as you blink your eyes open, perhaps keeping that hint of a smile right at the tip of your lips. Merry Christmas from my heart to yours, wishing you a beautiful day spent with family. I hope you feel deeply present all throughout this beautiful Christmas day. Thank you for practicing with me today. Yoga Girl Daily will be back tomorrow.

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