Winter Rituals and How to Embrace the Energy of the Season

From The Heart with Rachel Brathen - December 8th 2023

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Self-Love, Healing

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About the Episode

Today’s episode is all about winter!

Growing up in Sweden, Rachel had a hard time dealing with the darkness and cold so far north. But now, winter has become one of her favorite times of the year.

If winter just isn’t your season, this episode will help you embrace, love, and appreciate all that it has to offer. Especially if you suffer from bouts of seasonal sadness, tune in to learn how to best work with your circadian rhythm to release natural hormones that will uplift your life, no matter what is happening outside your door.

Winter is a time for quiet introspection and contemplation - it’s a time to rest and retreat inward. But so many of us try to live our summer lives during these months. No wonder it’s so hard!

Rachel shares how her life changes as the cold approaches, from her morning routine involving fresh air and sunlight, to daily activities of cold plunges, and her habits surrounding foraging options, winter crafts, and sacred practices.

Tune in to align your life with the seasons, find a connection to nature, and truly embrace the magic that winter has to offer.

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