When In Doubt, Take Your Supplements and Find Your Community

From The Heart with Rachel Brathen - January 19th 2024

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Self-Love, Friendship, Family, Motherhood

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About the Episode

In this week’s episode, Rachel tries so hard not to talk about her and Bear’s sleep schedule, but in the end, it’s not really an option!

Lack of sleep affects the body, mind and spirit so much. Rather than fake it, Rachel shares openly, from the heart on how she’s coping, what supplements are helping to sustain her energy, and her deep seated longing for a village of other families to build community with.

When we work together in community with each other, we have support, care, love and validation. Mothering is hard and having a village to support you is ideal! But, building that village takes a lot of work, so in the meantime we connect by asking for help when we need it, powering through regardless, and lots of different supplements, minerals, vitamins and herbs to sustain us.

Tune in for an episode that will inspire you to find community, take your vitamins, and appreciate sleep on a whole new level!