The Days Are Long But the Years Are Short

From The Heart with Rachel Brathen - March 15th 2024

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Family, Motherhood, Love

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About the Episode

This week Lea Luna (and the podcast!) turned seven years old.

Since these years of life are the most formative, this feels like a big milestone.

In this episode, Rachel takes a trip down memory lane and reflects on Lea’s life, from her birth to present day. She shares hilarious stories that highlight her daughter’s feisty personality (like the time she tried to run away from home) and more.

One of the most bittersweet moments of parenthood is when you realize that your child is growing older and will need you less and less every day. All we can do is provide them with love and support until they are ready to launch. Tune in for a nostalgic episode that will truly remind you that the days may be long, but the years are short.

*Next week’s episode is Ask Rachel for the 7th anniversary. Call Rachel to leave a question at +1 (720) 443 1771. *

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