The Big Postpartum Episode

From The Heart with Rachel Brathen - July 28th 2023

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Motherhood, Healing

Links: Apple Podcasts / Spotify

About the Episode

The first 40 days postpartum are thought to be the most sensitive and vulnerable (although of course, postpartum lasts much longer than this!).

As Rachel has just passed the 40 day mark, she is here to share a step by step guide of her journey to replenish and heal herself after birth.

If you are expecting (or plan to be soon), this episode will give you actionable advice on how to take care of yourself after baby’s arrival.

Rachel shares her biggest pieces of advice, from the meals she ate, how Dennis supported her, the way she prioritized sleep and rest, her rituals surrounding yoni steams and sitz baths, and more. She also bullet points a list of items she found extremely helpful, answers questions from her community, and discusses some pitfalls and things to avoid.

There is so much focus on baby after birth, but the mother needs just as much love and support. This episode will show you how to lean on your support system, replenish body, mind, and soul, and protect the postpartum bubble that you so deserve.

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