Spring, Sleep, and a Day in the Life of Bear

From The Heart with Rachel Brathen - May 3rd 2024

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Family, Motherhood, Love

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About the Episode

For all mothers out there, today’s episode offers comfort, solidarity, and a true chance to build a village.

Rachel and her family are celebrating spring after a long Swedish winter. Bear is taking in all the new things, the weather is beautiful, and the days are magical.

However, nights are a different story.

Rachel shares a day in the life of Bear; his sleep schedule, his nap schedule - and where things just keep falling apart.

For humans with little ones, motherhood is all consuming. It’s tiring, intense, and way too much - and also the most beautiful and precious time that we have. Rachel has been living in both worlds, and she discusses the duality of it all, and most importantly, the need for a village.

Everything would be a lot easier if we held each other a little closer, and Rachel has a plan. Tune in to know you’re not alone.