Life Postpartum as a Mom of Two

From The Heart with Rachel Brathen - July 14th 2023

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Motherhood, Family, Love

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About the Episode

In today’s episode, Rachel is speaking to you at almost four weeks postpartum.

She shares what life has been like in the newborn bubble and how her physical recovery has went since birth.

On top of that, you get to hear an update on the entire family: Finn’s sleeping patterns, Rachel’s worries about Lea as a mom of two, and how Dennis is handling the transition. Overall, it’s a big time for this little family!

But it’s also a time to lean into softness, show yourself compassion, and lower the bar on productivity. Society tells us we need to “snap back” after birth - but then we miss out on so many tender moments. After all, your newborn is only this little once.

This episode will remind you to embrace where you are now and to not take advantage of the small moments of joy that make up your life.

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