Lice, Mice, and How to Keep Yourself Sane in A Crazy World

From The Heart with Rachel Brathen - May 10th 2024

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Love, Healing

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About the Episode

If you’re having a difficult week, today’s episode will help you make it through - in any way that you can.

After having a low week herself, Rachel sits down and opens up about everything unfolding at the farm. She talks lice, mice, and through some twists and turns she discusses more serious issues, from the environmental crisis to the genocide in Gaza.

How can we navigate knowing that there is so much terror unfolding in the world? Are we allowed to take care of ourselves when others are experiencing such pain? What direction are we headed as a society? And maybe most importantly, can we do anything about it? This is an emotional episode that asks some big questions, so bring tissues and always remember to hold your heart first.

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