Is the World Inherently Good?

From The Heart with Rachel Brathen - November 17th 2023

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Healing, Family, Love

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About the Episode

Today’s podcast episode may not be the uplifting, inspirational one you are looking for - but it’s one we all need.

It’s a dose of connection, community, and how to pull yourself out of deep, dark holes. Rachel is pondering a big life question we may all be asking ourselves right now: is the world inherently good?

Still in the Maldives, Rachel shares a nagging feeling that she just can’t shake. She has been struggling with how to navigate her own privilege, on top of a fear loop that has been taking hold of her the past few days, all while trying to wrap her head around the state of the world. If you can relate, Rachel shares tips on how to get out of these spirals so that you can be your best self for everyone around you.

Tune in for an episode that searches for the light when everything seems dark.

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