Family Chaos: What If The Most Beautiful Time Of Our Life Is Happening Right Now?

From The Heart with Rachel Brathen - April 5th 2024

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Family, Love

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About the Episode

In this week’s episode, Rachel is talking to you from the mountains of Sweden where she is on ski trip with her family and best friends.

With adults being outnumbered by children on this trip, it’s safe to say it has been the most chaotic, intense, crazy, but also beautiful, week of their lives.

Rachel shares some hilarious stories before diving deeper into the topic of navigating parenthood as your children get older. She opens up about some new surprising challenges she has faced as a mother, how to navigate the world of big feelings, and the heavy weight we bear teaching our children to be kind.

Although it was a very full week, it seems like the busiest times are the ones you look back on the most fondly. One day these days will be nothing more than nostalgia. This episode will remind you to embrace the moment you’re in, soak up every phase of parenthood, and give yourself grace during the busy times. It all passes by so quick!

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