Ask Rachel: 7 Years of Speaking From the Heart

From The Heart with Rachel Brathen - March 22nd 2024

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Healing, Growth, Gratitude

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About the Episode

This episode marks the 7 year podcast anniversary!

Rachel commemorates it with a segment of Ask Rachel.

She takes a look back on some of her favorite episodes over the years and shares her thoughts on how this podcast journey has shaped her life. Then she dives into some really heartfelt questions from YOU!

She discusses how to navigate uncertainty and change by sharing the most chaotic experience of her life and what got her through it. Then she touches on why we often cry during yoga, how to know whether to stay in a certain place or move on, whether grief gets better or not after losing a beloved pet, and life as a stay at home mom.

It’s a fun episode that touches on the heart of what this podcast has really been about for 7 years. If you’ve been here through thick and thin, thanks for listening! If you have a question for Rachel, call +1 720 443 1771.

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