You Are Nature: How Tending to the Land is Tending to Your Heart

Conversations from the Heart - July 9th 2021

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Growth, Lifestyle, Healing, Self-Love

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About the Episode

We come from the earth, we’ll return to the earth. In between, we garden. We nourish our bodies, we feed our minds. We tend to our hearts as though they are budding seeds.

In today’s episode, Rachel shares the journey of self-care she has been on over the past year. After feeling a huge disconnect in Aruba (cue toxic mold, land built to support tourists, and environments not conducive to her human design), everything has come to a head in a surprising way now that she is in Sweden. Alone in nature, running through the woods collecting flowers, she has found herself.

The environments you immerse yourself in play a huge role in how you flourish, but that doesn’t just mean your immediate surroundings. The relationships you are in, the home you live in, even your country and the practices it adopts can affect you on a deep, cellular level. That’s because we are nature.

Flowers cannot grow in concrete, and you cannot grow where you are not rooted.

Tune in today for an episode that will remind you that no matter what season you are moving through in your life, there is always one constant. Mother Earth is here to hold you. Returning to her is returning to yourself - it’s the real coming home.

Key Takeaways

  • For your self-care practices, it is incredibly important to have space and time carved out just for you. If you are squeezing your self-care in when and where it fits, you are not telling yourself you aren’t serious about it. You aren’t making yourself a priority.

  • Is your home supporting your peace of mind? If the laundry on the floor or the dishes on the counter are stressing you out, find a nook you can make just your own. Some solitude to recharge every now and then can change everything.

  • Live somewhere that supports your priorities in life. You may not realize it, but your social circles and the culture of the town, city or country you live in can affect you if it’s not aligned with your core needs.

  • We move through seasons of healing in our lives. We find different practices that work, then we put them down when they have served their purpose. Be open to discovering new resources to turn to.

  • Through it all, there is one constant: we are nature. Return to that on a deep, spiritual level when you are feeling ungrounded and unsure of yourself. Mother Earth is here to hold you, always.