Why Being Close to Nature Is Being Close To Your Most Authentic Self

Conversations from the Heart - November 5th 2021

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Self-Love, Healing, Growth

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About the Episode

There are many transits moving in the sky right now. If you’ve been feeling out of touch with yourself - that could be why! But today’s episode is here to bring you back home in more ways than one.

Beginning with a meditation to connect to earth, Rachel then dives into the true concept of home. Why are there some places that just don’t feel like home? How can a physical location make us feel more like ourselves? What other versions of us are hiding within?

As Rachel prepares for her move to Sweden, she recognizes the truth that Aruba just hasn’t felt like home lately. The life she pictured here didn’t turn out as planned - or maybe her inner self didn’t want it to.

Home beckons to us. We can sense it when we move slowly, thoughtfully, and in tune with nature. Don’t get so busy or so caught up in life that you forget to actively participate in what you create. It all begins and ends with Mother Earth.

Tune in for an episode that will remind you who you really are.

Key Takeaways

  • If you are feeling ungrounded, unrooted, resentful and frustrated, blame it on the sky!
  • Sometimes life doesn’t turn out the way we picture it, but our true self is usually guiding us to what we really want.
  • Physical locations can call to us and beckon us home. Where feels like home in your own heart?
  • Don’t become so busy that you forget to participate in the beautiful things you have created.
  • Find a connection to nature wherever you go. Nothing roots you into the here and now more deeply.