What Matters is Who You Are, Not What You Do

Conversations from the Heart - September 27th 2019

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Self-Love

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About the Episode

In this episode, Rachel reflects on the process of becoming an author, the importance of making the New York Times bestselling list, and the healing properties of creation.

When Rachel published her first book, Yoga Girl, she made the New York Times bestselling list and for the first time understood the importance of it in the world of books. This time around, Rachel has been waiting all week for the list to come out. Will her agent call her with good news? What if she doesn’t make the list? How will she manage her expectations and disappointment if she doesn’t?

She realizes that regardless of the list, she has created a beautiful book, and through this journey of telling her story, she was able to heal. Her worth is not determined by doing, but by being. By looking within and sharing a story that she hopes will help other people moving through similar things, she realizes that creation comes from simply BEING in that state of flow, tuned into the heart. If Rachel has touched one single person, or just brightened one person’s day with this book, that is all that matters!

This episode will remind you that your worth is not determined by doing but that your worth resides in the quality of your being. You don’t have to accomplish anything to be worthy of love. You are already so absolutely lovable - just the way you are.

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