Were You Born This Way, Or Did You Learn It?

Conversations from the Heart - July 17th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Growth, Healing

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About the Episode

We spend so much time in our armor, protecting ourselves with layers and layers of conditioning. If we do not have our needs met as children, if we are not seen, heard, appreciated or loved, we subconsciously begin to develop a resilience, an armor of protection.

We seek to have our needs met elsewhere and develop coping mechanisms to be healed later in life.

In this episode, Rachel reflects on the internal work she is doing, how it is affecting her, her daughter, her husband, and giving her new perspective and presence.

Doing this work is not easy. It gets messy, uncomfortable things come up, relationships can be affected, and unfortunately there is not one linear line to healing.

But we owe it to ourselves, future generations, our children, our communities, to become aware of our traumas, to begin the journey of peeling back the layers and getting really present with our core wounds.

This episode will remind you that it is ok to prioritize self-care, to nurture and care for yourself when you are on the sensitive path of healing, and that it’s better to peel back the layers in order to move through the world with vulnerability and truth.

Key Takeaways

  • Feeling sensitive is a good thing. If you are more vulnerable to your surroundings right now, adapt by changing how you interact with the world and by grounding yourself in every way you need.
  • Once you get to the root of your pain, it’s easier to communicate your needs. If there is something triggering about your partner, or a close friend or family member, can you get to the heart of that trigger rather than put the responsibility on the other person?
  • Try to take 15 mins at the end of the day for a journaling practice. There is something about the connection of pen to paper that helps process and integrate emotional healing. It’s like a free mini-therapy session.
  • Be in your body. Come back home, again and again. It’s only when we are present in the body that we can process and to feel our emotions so that we can heal (for ourselves, and for future generations too).