Waves of Anxiety: The Journey From Panic to Peace

Conversations from the Heart - July 22nd 2022

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Healing, Self-Love, Lifestyle, Growth

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About the Episode

If you have ever experienced anxiety or panic attacks, if you’re coping with burnout, or if you have been trying to align your life with something that better fits who you are, today’s episode is just for you.

After a recent experience with anxiety, Rachel was thrown back into feelings from an old life. It has been years since she changed the pace of her life, moved to a different part of the world, and started slowing down enough to consider what she truly longed for. Panic attacks seemed to be a thing of the past. But with a return of these visceral feelings, she is left looking for an answer.

She shares stories from the past, her coping mechanisms, and what is different today.

Why does anxiety return after we have done so much work on ourselves? Maybe as a full circle moment or to remind us to be grateful. Whatever the reason, if we can’t sit with it, we can tell the truth about it. Tune in to honor your own truth.

Key Takeaways

  • Burnout comes from overcommitting yourself emotionally and feeling like your life isn’t in your own hands. Remember to set firm boundaries.
  • How can you bring yourself back to peace? Try orienting yourself, naming the feeling, and recognizing that it won’t be here forever.
  • Difficult seasons in our lives often take us somewhere beautiful. When things seem hopeless, remind yourself of the struggles you have gone through in your past that you are actually grateful for now.
  • Anxiety can feel paralyzing. What are some resources that help you ground when you feel unsteady? Return to them often.