Turn Self-Sabotage Into Self-Regulation - How Getting Out of Old Trauma Responses Can Completely Transform Your Life

Conversations from the Heart - October 1st 2021

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Self-Love, Healing, Love, Friendship, Family, Growth

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About the Episode

Are you stuck in an endless loop of self-fulfilling prophecy? Do you find the same challenging patterns repeating in your life, again and again? Do you have old wounds that keep resurfacing no matter how hard you try to keep them at bay? This is the episode for you.

In this episode of the Yoga Girl Podcast Rachel talks about trauma response, learning how to self-regulate and how to heal our childhood wounds once and for all. She shares heartfelt and personal examples from her own life and touches on her own abandonment wound to illustrate that true change is actually possible, and that healing is available to us all.

In pausing before we react we have the ability to change the course of our lives. In today’s episode you will learn not only how to recognize the patterns that may exist in your own life, but crucial steps to take to remove yourself from the self-fulfilling prophecy loop.

We practice with small moments, with small fears, with mundane thoughts, so that when the big ones eventually come, we can meet them from a place of true resiliency.

A lightbulb moment is waiting for you at the end of today’s episode. Tune in to find it.

Key Takeaways

  • When you face a challenging situation, take a moment to drop into your body before reacting. Breathe deeply, plant your feet on the ground, place your hands on your heart, and arrive. This simple practice of awareness will change the course of your life.
  • If we react without first regulating ourselves, we are going to find ourselves in the same situations over and over again where the outcome is never what we want. We will react from old wounds, deeply embedded traumas, and safety mechanisms we have learned since childhood.
  • These patterns become self-fulfilling prophecies in our lives. We expect something to happen, so we react as if it would - and our behaviour can ultimately cause our expectations to come true.
  • When you’re aware of your patterns, you can create a safe place to heal from.