There is No Such Thing as a Dream Too Big

Conversations from the Heart - June 4th 2021

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Growth, Lifestyle

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About the Episode

Have you ever downplayed a dream? Did you tell your friends, your family - and even yourself - that that thing you long for really doesn’t matter all that much?

Here’s the thing: your dreams DO matter. How are they ever going to come true if you pretend they are not important?

In today’s episode, Rachel shares her own intimate dream. It is one that may not be possible for so many reasons, but by speaking her dream out loud, she just may be bringing herself one step closer to manifesting it.

Let today’s vulnerable sharing be a reminder that you can dream, too. You can get your hopes up. You can believe in the possibility of beautiful outcomes. You are a constituent of this universe, so you get a say in what happens!

Tune in to dream big and shout from the rooftops exactly what it is you want - the universe will be listening.

Key Takeaways

  • We are human and we fear failure. Because of this, we can be too scared to share our deepest dreams with the world in case things don’t work out. This is normal - be kind to yourself on the journey to dream a little bit bigger.
  • Remember, there is just as much beauty found in the journey as there is in the outcome. Looking back on your life, you may find the happiest times were when you were discovering your dreams, not only when you were reaching them.
  • Do things for no other purpose than because you love them. Everything else will sort itself out!
  • Allow yourself to dream, fully. You don’t have to hold back.
  • The universe is always listening. It will hear when you downplay your dreams, and it will also hear your true vulnerability in sharing your heart’s deepest desires.