The Spiritual Path is the Human Path: Messy, Real and Raw

Conversations from the Heart - April 24th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Healing, Growth, Lifestyle

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About the Episode

Being human is messy!

We are intricate, deeply emotional beings with the ability to feel so many things - and so many conflicting things - at the same time. We swing on a pendulum between productivity and numbing ourselves, between giving too much and shutting people out, between our ego and our soul taking control in the driver’s seat.

But - it is all okay. This is exactly what doing the work looks like!

In today’s episode, Rachel reflects on this period of isolation, the ups and downs she’s faced, and all the emotions that have come and gone. All of it has led her to one realization: we have been given an incredible opportunity to change our lives. We now have the space and time to check in with ourselves more than we ever have before. We are at a precipice on our path to healing and our journey to enlightenment - we just have to anchor into faith and take the leap.

Today’s deeply spiritual episode shines light on exactly what it means to be human - messy, real, and raw. The path to healing, to evolving, and to enlightenment is not linear or easy, but it is the human path.

Tune in to understand, embrace and accept your own triggers and patterns of behavior and come back again and again to those tools and resources that can help you make it through.

It all comes together in this beautiful journey that is only your own. If you can anchor into the faith of that notion, you can begin.

Key Takeaways

  • The only thing between you and peace is yourself. Your healing journey can only begin once you notice and acknowledge your own triggers and patterns of behavior.
  • This period of isolation is offering us the chance to check in with ourselves on a deeper level than normal. We have the opportunity to use this to our advantage and create real change in our lives.
  • Your spiritual journey doesn’t have to look like anyone else’s, and you don’t always have “act” spiritual to be a spiritual person.
  • It is so important to anchor into the faith that the universe has your back. Trust that the coming together of what has fallen apart will be better than what was before.
  • The spiritual path is the human path. It is not linear or easy, but it is worth it.