The Art of Listening with Julia Cameron

Conversations from the Heart - January 29th 2021

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Exciting Guests, Growth, Self-Love

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About the Episode

Are you yearning to connect with your higher self and unlock your creative potential?

This week’s episode will help you do just that. It all starts by learning the art of listening.

On today’s episode, Rachel is joined by the legendary Julia Cameron, author of ‘The Listening Path’. Together Rachel and Julia discuss nourishing our creativity, channeling our inner artist and the importance of listening; to our higher self, to silence, to intuition and insight, as well as allowing others to be heard.

When you become less noisy, you have a great capacity for change. Usually we are waiting to react and respond! This week’s episode will remind you to get quiet, listen, write, and help you to tune into your highest self, your inner child, and your creativity.

Tune in and deepen your capacity to enjoy life!

Key Takeaways

  • In order to tune into your highest self, start the practice of morning pages. Within the first 45 minutes of waking up, journal on how you are feeling. Let your morning pages help shape your day.
  • Take yourself out for an ‘Artist Date’ once a week. A solo date where you do something you truly enjoy. This will help you nourish your inner artist.
  • The part of us that creates is youthful and exuberant. Artist dates give you a chance to experience a benevolent connection and replenish your creative well.
  • Go for a walk, without devices. Just walk mindfully, listening to your surroundings and nature. This is where guidance and insight will show up, when you allow yourself to get quiet and listen.
  • When you work on your creativity your spirituality increases and when your spirituality increases so does your creativity. You increase your capacity to create, connect with your higher self, and allow yourself to tune into the benevolent being that looks over the universe through getting still and listening.

About Julia Cameron

Julia Cameron is known as the Queen of Change or the Godmother of Creativity after starting a movement that has brought creativity into the mainstream conversation— in the arts, in business, and in everyday life.

She is an icon who has inspired millions, including artists such as Alicia Keys, Pete Townsend, Tim Ferriss and Elizabeth Gilbert, who says that without The Artist’s Way, there would be no Eat Pray Love. As a best-selling author (of more than 40 books!), artist, poet, playwright, novelist, filmmaker, composer and journalist, there is nothing she can't do!

Make sure to get her new book, The Listening Path, now!

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