Testing for COVID-19, Working Through Fear and Making Sense of a Global Pandemic

Conversations from the Heart - March 20th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Healing, Lifestyle, Family, Growth

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About the Episode

As coronavirus has the entire world in its grip, this global energy of fear has left many of us in a place of uncertainty. Will there be a resource shortage? Why isn’t everyone self-isolating? And what if the most unlikely happens, as it seems to be happening every day? In times of such uncertainty, many of us are feeling emotions we have never felt before – and many past traumas may find themselves resurfacing.

In this week’s episode, Rachel shares the series of events that brought the small island of Aruba, and her own family, from indifference about the coronavirus to complete pandemonium.

Living on a desert island that has three grocery stores dependent on imports, and one hospital with four ventilators, Rachel found herself spiraling into familiar feelings of lack, grasping for control and fearing the unknown.

It all cumulated into one of the hardest days of Rachel’s life – when her daughter experienced her first trauma after being called to be tested for the virus by the Aruban government.

As this virus creates harder days for us all, and especially the most vulnerable, we have to do what we can to find a balance between indifference and pandemonium, between severity and humanity, and between holding on and letting go.

The answer can be found in creating community wherever we can, in feeling our feelings and holding space for others to feel theirs, and in rooting ourselves in knowing that some days may be harder than others – but we can take it one day at a time.

Key Takeaways

  • Let yourself feel anything you may be feeling during this time of uncertainty. Not allowing yourself to be sad because other people are sadder is just like not allowing yourself to be happy because other people are happier.
  • Many past and new traumas may be finding their way into your life right now. Trauma is not defined by outer circumstances, but by anything your nervous system wasn’t ready to cope with. If something happened too fast and too soon, allow yourself to feel and recognize that.
  • Do what you can to find the balance between indifference and pandemonium, between severity and humanity, and between holding on and letting go. Take deep breaths when you need them to feel more grounded.
  • Look for opportunities to create community at every change you get. Be kind. We need each other more than ever right now, and we have an incredible ability to unite as a society when we need to.