Sometimes On The Way To Your Dream, You Get Lost And Find A Better One

Conversations from the Heart - November 25th 2022

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Self-Love, Growth

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About the Episode

If you’re on the path toward a dream, you know the power that manifestation holds.

But there is an often unspoken part of this process that doesn’t get the acknowledgement it deserves: you cannot create something new without tearing something else down.

In today’s episode, Rachel finds herself recording in a familiar spot, Island Yoga. She reminisces on the years she spent at this property, from the months of construction, to the first retreat she hosted, and the community that was built in the Luna Shala. But now her life looks a lot different. Creating something new in Sweden has meant she needs to say goodbye to this space that held a dream.

This episode is an intimate conversation in finding the balance between manifestation and surrender. Tune in to anchor your trust into the beautiful things waiting for you around the corner, when you’re finally able to let go.