Sitting in Silence: How To Deepen Your Spiritual Practice

Conversations from the Heart - September 17th 2021

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Healing, Love, Growth

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About the Episode

The world feels so isolating sometimes.

We can turn on the news to see one terrible thing happening after another. We open our social media to find cruelty and separation. It’s so easy to lose faith in the midst of it all - our fragile hearts aren’t supposed to take it.

So, how do we make it through? How can we continue to show up for others without depleting ourselves in the process?

We turn inward.

We meet each other in the silence. What connects us to the whole must be what connects us to each other. Our sacred practices, which often feel selfish and a means of escape, might just be the remedy to a world craving a deeper meaning to it all.

In today’s episode, Rachel is feeling the watery energy of the full moon in Pisces approaching us. It’s the perfect time to contemplate the bigger picture.

Tune in to sense your connection to others, to contemplate your place in the universe, and to cherish the part of you that is constantly seeking it out.

Key Takeaways

  • We cannot cut ourselves off from the world and be of service at the same time. There is an intricate balance between witnessing the hardships of others, and taking time to reconnect with source and replenish yourself from the inside out so that you can help.
  • In a loud world, it is hard to choose silence. It is difficult to turn off the television, to put the phone away, and to sit only with your thoughts, your feelings, and your heart. But we must choose it over and over again.
  • What can you put away in your life to make space for more depth? There is something that is draining your energy, sucking up your time, and holding you back from inviting in a bigger spiritual practice.
  • Hold space for the part of you that is constantly seeking sacred practices out. It is your connection to others, to the universe, to the true meaning of life.