Self-Promotion as a Spiritual Practice

Conversations from the Heart - October 4th 2019

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Business for Change

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About the Episode

In this week’s episode, Rachel reflects on consciously having to make the effort to slow down during challenging weeks before diving into the delicate subject of self-promotion.

It’s hard. Super hard.

It takes courage to get out there and promote your work, while staying authentic to your truth, heart and passion.

After some negative comments on the promotion of her book, Rachel reflects on how to stay authentic, what might be triggering this reaction to her work, and the act of self-promotion from a heartfelt space. Promoting yourself is taking the work you created and putting it out into the world, opening yourself up for judgement, criticism, negative comments, and people possibly not liking your work. It takes a strong sense of self-worth to be able to have the confidence to promote yourself! It becomes a spiritual practice.

Looking within and determining whether you are promoting for validation or promoting from a heartfelt place is a good place to start. This is where the work comes in! Is what you are promoting is authentic, are you proud of what you do, does it come from a heartfelt space, does your work offer something to the world?

This episode will help you to gain more confidence in your work, navigate self-promotion, and tune into the art of promoting what resonates from the heart.

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